War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0469 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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most respectfully urge upon the Department the immediate consideration of this communication. If my proffer, in manner and form as stated or with modifications, is accepted, then I ask that the Department will-

First. Advise me of the fact as early as possible.

Second. Advise me at the same time, comprehensively, how each now every portion of the force, to be raised will be armed, clothed, equipped, and subsisted, in as much detail as possible.

Third. Direct its officials here to muster in and subsist the recruits for each and every portion or division of the force as fast as they come in and until the maximum number is filled up in each corps, and to do so at such places and times as I may request, including directions also to Captain Nelson to resume mustering in men for all companies of the Second Regiment until they are raised to the maximum.

I am urgent in this matter for full instructions and somewhat discretionary powers, inasmuch as frequent communication on military details is not favorable to celerity and efficiency in organization when at a distance of 1,500 miles from the War Department, while the telegraph is expensive, and at best is but brief in its communications, and not always reliable either. Any discretionary power that may be lodged in me will be honestly and carefully used.

The suggestion in regard to the employment of home guards or our ordinary volunteer militia to garrison the forts is made because those forts must necessarily be guarded by some force, and it would facilitate our other military organizations much if it could be understood that we would receive for this special duty men whose business, families, &c., might inhibit their leaving the State, but would allow their serving the Government in this capacity.

Very respectfully,


COLUMBUS, OHIO, August 30, 1861.


GENTLEMEN: You will proceed to Washington and present to the proper authorities the subjects for consideration alluded to in our verbal conversation, and in doing so I desire you to make known substantially the following facts:

The State of Ohio is organizing twenty-eight regiments, under authority of the Secretary of War, to supply which we want 10,000 additional muskets. Besides these there are four other regiments authorized, whose organization is delayed, fearing it my interfere with the filling up of the first twenty-eight, for which 4,000 arms will be wanted. In addition constant demands are made for arms along the Ohio frontier, the defense of which is as essential as the sending of troops to the field. To supply this demand requires 6,000 additional. For the last number I made an unsuccessful request upon Colonel Kingsbury, chief of ordnance for Department of Ohio many weeks ago, since which time by letter and telegraph I have made repeated requisitions upon the Chief of Ordnance without success. Equipments of all sorts of are needed correspondence to the demand for muskets.

Cavalry.-Under authority of the War Department and assurance of General Ripley that arms and equipments should be furnished, we are organizing twelve companies of cavalry in addition to those now in the field, and relying on the United States, Ohio has made no provision