War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0443 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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required, and even if so competent, they are needed for the efficiency of the companies. I observe by a late proclamation of the Governor of Illinois that the order seems to be suspended in the case of that State.

I again beg leave to call the attention of your Department to the subject of a regiment of cavalry from this State. If the Government will accept such a regiment and furnish it with subsistence while recruiting, equip it, and purchase horses, we have large numbers of good men ready. In this case, if it should be desirable for the State to make the arrangements for equipment, and I wish the remark to apply to the equipment of the five infantry regiments and five batteries of artillery authorized, we shall expect the Government to advance us funds from time to time as the equipment progresses, on receipt of the proper vouchers or evidence of expenditure, and on this point I desire an immediate reply.

If the services of an officer of this State in the service of your requisitions for us, and in hastening the transportation of stores, can be made available, so as to avoid delays, I shall be glad to send such officer.

I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Washington, August 22, 1861.

* * * * * * *

III. Commanding officers of volunteer regiments will report to this office, immediately as they occur, any vacancies that may happen in their regiments, in order that steps may be taken to have them filled.

By order:




Boston, Mass., August 22, 1861.


Secretary of War:

SIR: A recent call from Brigadier-General Sherman discloses a desire that Massachusetts should furnish, say, five regiments to join a new column. I think this may be done, but harvesting and the repulsing of our soldiers who enlisted - in the aggregate twenty regiments - in the spring make enlisting now more difficult or more slow. We have proceeded spending our own money in raising, paying while in camp, arming, equipping, and buying camp furniture, wagons, horses, & c., and have drawn nothing from the national Treasury. If it is desired that I should raise more regiments, I suggest that I should be put in funds for the proper amount, or authorized to draw, through the treasurer of State or otherwise. I perceive that Governor Morgan has $ 500,000 placed to account of New York for such purposes.

I think I perceive a reviving of the spirit of our people, and that encouragement and zealous effort from all in power, with the co-operation of patriotic individuals, will render it general and successful, but we must strike immediately. Let me have precise and distinct orders and statements of what will be done and required by the United States Government. In reference to cavalry and any additional batteries, please also in like manner to give me your wishes and directions and inform me what provisions will be made for the expense of raising and equipping them.