War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0442 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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MADISON, WIS., August 21, 1861.


Secretary of War:

Your dispatch received.* We shall call out the regiments and equip them with as little delay as possible. Will send requisitions for ordnance stores.




Washington City, D. C., August 21, 1861.

Governor A. W. RANDALL,

Madison, Wis.:

Thanks for your energetic promptness. All goes well here.


Secretary of War.


Madison, August 21, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Your dispatch of 19th instant calling for five additional regiments of infantry and five batteries of artillery from this State was duly received, and steps are already taken to forward their organization, in regard to which I anticipate no delay. Under the following clause in your dispatch, to wit, "If you need the cannon at once send us an order and they shall be forwarded, and such other arms as may be necessary," I have prepared on the basis of the tables in the book entitled "Instructions for Field Artillery," approved by the War Department March 6, 1860, a requisition for the artillery stores for the five batteries of artillery. After consultation with such experienced military menn as are at hand, this requisition is made in the form in which I send watt. Of course, if in the wisdom of the proper authorities, or owing to the state of the supply of ordnance, any changes should properly be made in the character of the ordnance sent, I shall be content. The stores should be sent to my address at such point as I will name by telegraph in a few days. I desire that two of these batteries should be forwarded at the earliest day possible, as we shall have the men to man them before they can possibly arrive.

I also send a requisition for the small-arms, & c., for the five regiments of infantry, and in regard to these I desire to say that if possible we should prefer the Minie musket or rifled musket, or the rifle with sword-bayonet. Our men are capable of using with effect the best arms which can be furnished them, but in this case, as in that of the artillery, we submit to the exigencies of the service. You will please cause 2,000 stand of these arms, with accouterments and ammunition, and side-arms for nono-commissioned officers, for two regiments, to be forwarded to this city at the earliest day possible.

I desire to learn, and will thank you to inform me by telegraph, whether the Department insists upon the observance of order requiring that adjutants and quartermasters shall be lieutenants in the regiment. It is not easy to find such lieutenants competent for the service


* See August 19, p. 432.