War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0435 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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HARRISBURG, August 20, 1861.


Secretary of War:

I dispatched one of my staff to Philadelphia yesterday morning, having first directed colonels of independent regiments to meet him. I give you his answer:



Colonels of sixteen regiments have reported that they can forward at once forty-one full companies, viz: Friedman, cavalry, ten companies; Ballier, one company; Chantry, six companies; Birney, six companies; Gregory, two companies; Koltes, one company, Morehead, three companies, Ziegle, three companies; Jones, two companies, one in Sullivan county; Bond, three, and Lujeane, four. Birney could add four of sixty men each; Chantry could add two more on Wednesday, balance of regiment within a week. Several colonels were not here to report; will see them to-morrow. Colonel Ellmaker will report at noon to-morrow as to Gray Reserves for temporary service. General Pleasonton will report as to home guards Wednesday evening; also for temporary service.

Above reports as far as made are official, in response to Orders, Numbers 2, which order will be published in the morning.

This dispatch should be forwarded to Washington, as several of the colonels want orders directly from War Department before they will permit their companies to move.

Our friends here advise a proclamation urging the speedy filling up of all regiments. There is considerable uneasiness about the safety of the city. The War Department should take prompt measures, as a few of the colonels here are disposed to be factious about forwarding parts of their regiments by companies. Colonels Birney and Chantry should have immediate orders to march, with special instructions to muster in sixty men to a company and to recruit their companies full. If such orders were given, quite a number of companies could be filled in a few days.



Companies reported to you as full last night should have marching orders at once. Road could take them to-day; to-morrow, may be crowded with Eastern troops. Pennsylvania should be in the advance. Disposition of few to disregard State authority. Orders should come from War Department to muster and send forward every company numbering not less than sixty men. Very rapid demoralization is going on among men, lying about in squads. Such order would break up bogus regiments, and if promptly made would put 10,000 men into Washington between this and to-morrow night. If you desire, I will go on hunting regiments not reported.

A messenger has gone for shoes for Black's regiment to Philadelphia, and it will leave to-night. Have made an order on all the companies reported to march, and Colonel Potts has arranged for transportation. If they all obey, it will make 6,000 men. The order direct from you will no doubt be obeyed, if it is your pleasure to make it.




August 20, 1861.

Governor ANDREW G. CURTIN, Harrisburg, Pa.:

I have your dispatch of to-day, and thank you for your energetic patriotism. The Assistant Secretary of War left this afternoon for Philadelphia, with the authority of this Department to forward to Washington immediately every man who has offered his services to Government for three years, or the war. His time in Philadelphia must necessarily be very limited, and you will do your country essential service if you will proceed at once to that city and aid him in forwarding the troops of your Commonwealth.


Secretary of War.