War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0426 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Washington, August 19, 1861.

To the GOVERNOR of -

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan:

By direction of the President of the United States, you are urgently requested to forward, or cause to be forwarded, immediately to the city of Washington all volunteer regiments, or parts of regiments, at the expense of the United States Government, that may be now enrolled within your State, whether under your immediate control or by acceptances issued direct from the War Department, whether such volunteers are armed, equipped, or uniformed or not. The officers of each regimental organization that may not be full shall leave recruiting officers at their several rendezvous, and adopt such other measures as may be necessary to fill up their ranks at the earliest date possible. All officers of volunteer regiments, on arrival, will report to the commanding general, who will provide equipments and other supplies necessary for their comfort.

To insure the movement of troops more rapidly than might otherwise be done, you will please confer with and aid all officers of independent regiments in such manner as may be necessary to effect the object in view.

All clothing, stores, or supplies belonging to or contracted for the several regiments shall be forwarded to Washington for their use, detailed reports of which shall be made to the commanding general.


Secretary of War.

HARTFORD, August 19, 1861.

Honorable S. CAMERON:

Can send 500 or 1,000 men for thirty days without uniforms or discipline, but it would interfere with raising volunteers. We have no militia with which I could meet a requisition without some delay. Can send volunteers without discipline nearly as soon.




Washington, August 19, 1861.

Honorable O. P. MORTON,

Governor of Indiana:

SIR: You are hereby authorized to purchase 10,000 Enfield or Minie rifles for arming U. S. troops enrolled from your State for three years, or during the war, the arms Government inspection and approval as to price and quality.

Very respectfully,


Secretary of War.

AUGUSTA, ME., August 19, 1861.

Honorable S. CAMERON,

Secretary of War:

Will send you a good regiment Friday. Will your order transportation from New York Saturday? Send requisitions Springfield for best there.