War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0421 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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case, but desire that your Department should be more fully informed of our condition. We have two regiments organized, so far as the companies to form them are concerned. One of these is now coming into camp, many of the men sacrificing their harvests in their patriotic feeling. We did not intend to call the other to camp until after harvest. After the 1st of September we can proceed rapidly with the organization of regiments, the men being ready and anxious for service, if we can avail ourselves of the arrangements which we observe are extended to other States for reimbursing our expenditures thus far made. It is very advisable that we should thus be provided with means, in order that our work of organization may proceed without delay. If the Government is prepared to furnish any portion of the outfit of succeeding regiments we should be relieved to that extent. In relation to artillery and small-arms, we have in this State six old 6-pounder cannon, which have for a number of years been in the possession of independent companies, some of them more than ten years, all without caissons, and neither in harness nor implements fit for use. We have no arsenal and no accumulation of ammunition. When the war broke out we had some 1,600 stand of arms, of all kinds and patterns, in the hands of independent companies. These were called in for use in drilling our troops, and by reason of hard usage among six regiments are mostly unfit for service. This is our condition, and explains why we were unable to respond to your call upon this State.

I have the honor to remain, your obedient servant,



Washington, August 17, 1861.

I. So much of paragraph 3 of Special Orders, Numbers 185, from this office, dated July 12, 1861, as relates to the allowances of female nurses employed in permanent or general hospitals is hereby rescinded, and such persons will receive, from and after the 3rd instant, 40 cents perday and one ration in kind, or by commutation at cost price, in lieu of all emoluments except transportation in kind.

II. The minimum standard of height for recruits is fixed at five feet three inches, instead of five feet four and a half inches, as heretofore established.

III. Every officer of the Army will immediately report his address to this office, and thereafter every change of address, no matter whether permanent or temporary.

IV. All volunteers in the service of the United States will be mustered for payment at the end of the present month, and at the end of every two months thereafter.

One copy of the pay-roll will be forwarded to the Adjutant- General, two given to the paymaster of the district, and the fourth one filed with the records of the company or detachment mustered.

By order:




Washington, August 17, 1861.

I. By direction of the President, a board of officers will assemble in this city at 12 m. on Wednesday, the 28th instant, or as soon thereafter