War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0374 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the band, the pay and emoluments of a second lieutenant of infantry. The saddler-sergeants, veterinary-sergeants, company quartermaster-sergeants and drum majors will receive the pay and allowances of sergeants of cavalry. The battalion adjutant and battalion quartermasters and commissaries will receive the emoluments now provided by law for regimental adjutants.

SEC. 5 And be it further enacted, That the term of enlistments made and to be made in the years eighteen hundred and sixty-one and eighteen hundred and sixty-two, in the Regular Army, including the force authorized by this act, shall be for the period of three years, and those to be made after January one, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, shall be for the term of five years, as at present authorized, and that the men enlisted in the regular forces after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, shall be entitled to the same bounties in every respect as those allowed or to be allowed to the men of the volunteer forces.

SEC. 6. And be it further enacted, That the increase of the military establishment created or authorized by this act is declared to be for service during the existing insurrection and rebellion and within one year after the constitutional authority of the Government of the United States shall be re-established and organized resistance to such authority shall no longer exist, the military establishment may be reduced to a number not exceeding twenty-five thousand men, unless otherwise ordered by Congress.

SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States shall cause regiments, battalions, and companies to be disbanded, and officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates to be discharged soon as to reduce the military establishment as is provided by the preceding section: Provided, That all of the officers of the Regular Army who have been or may be detached or assigned to duty for service in any other regiment or corps shall resume their positions in the Regular Army, and shall be entitled to the same rank, promotion, and emoluments, as if they had continued to serve in their own regiments or corps.

SEC. 8. And be it further enacted, That the enlistments for the regiments authorized by this act shall be in charge of the officers detailed for that purpose who are appointed to said regiments from civil life, and that in the mean time the officers appointed to the same from the Regular Army shall be detailed by the Commanding General to such service in the volunteer regiments now in the field as will inn his judgment give them the greatest military instruction and efficiency, and that the Commanding General may,in his direction, employ said officers with any part of the regular forces now in the field until the regiments authorized by this act shall have been fully recruited and detail any of the officers now in the Regular Army to service with the volunteer regiments now in the field, or which may hereafter be called out with such rank as may be offered them in said volunteer regiments, for the purpose of imparting to them military instruction and efficiency.

Approved July 29, 1861.

II. Officers of the old Army who have been appointed in the additional regiments above provided for-a list of whom has been published in General Orders, Numbers 33, current series, from this office-will report forthwith their acceptance of said appointments or be considered as having declined them.

By order;