War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0370 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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6. The above rule will apply to the transportation, &c. of the recruits who may be enlisted from time to time to complete the organization of a company.

7. When thirty-two or more men shall have been thus accepted by the medical examiner, the commandant of the depot will immediately direct them to nominate by ballot a captain and lieutenant of the company, the remaining officers to be nominated on the completion of the company organization.

8. After an examination as hereinafter provided (paragraph 16) of the persons so nominated as officers, the commandant of the depot will transmit the inspection-roll, with certificates, of inspection, nomination, and examination to the adjutant-general of the State. If the company thus organized shall be accepted by the commander-in-chief, the pay of the officers and men will commence from the date of such acceptance.

9. The company non-commissioned officers, until the company shall be embodied in a regiment, will be appointed by the captain; afterward by the regimental commander, on the recommendation of the captain.

10. The field officers for these regiments will be appointed by the commander-in-chief after they shall have passed a satisfactory examination before a board of officers to be hereafter named, and will be assigned to the various depots to superintend the organization of their regiments under the orders of the commandants of depots.

II. If delay should occur in the filling up of any company or regiment to the minimum standard to entitle it to be mustered into the U. S. service the commander-in-chief will disband or consolidate the incomplete organizations, or transfer companies, or accept new organizations, as circumstances may require. When companies are consolidated, the officers will be assigned according to rank, and when rank is of the same date, it will be fixed by lot. Officers rendered supernumery by disbanding or consolidating incomplete companies or regiments will be discharged from the service, and their pay, &c., will cease from the date of such discharge.

12. After the acceptance of a regiment the colonel will appoint from the company subalterns an adjutant and a regimental quartermaster, who may be reassigned to companies at his pleasure.

13. The surgeon and assistant surgeon will be appointed by the commander-in-chief after they shall have passed an examination by a commission prescribed by the medical department.

14. The non-commissioned staff will be selected by the colonel from the non-commissioned officers and privates of the regiment, and vacancies so created will be filled by appointment, as is prescribed above.

15. The regimental chaplain will be appointed by the regimental commander on the vote of the field officers and company commanders on duty with the regiment at the time the appointment is made. The chaplain must be a regularly ordained minister of some. Christian denomination, and will receive the pay and allowances of a captain of cavalry.

16. The commander-in-chief will appoint for each depot a board of examiners to examine into the qualifications of persons nominated for company officers.

17. Field officers will be examined in the school of the company and battalion; company officers in the school of the soldier and company; artillery officers in addition to the above, will be examined in artillery tactics and the other branches of that arm of the service. The examiners will also inquire into the moral character and habits of the persons examined, and report for the information of the commander-in-