War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0294 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Omaha, Nebr. Ter., June 24, 1861.

Honorable SIMON CAMERON, Secretary of War:

SIR: I desire to call the attention of your Department to a few facts disclosed by a letter just received at our executive office from one of the most respected and reliable citizens of this Territory. I make the following quotations from the letter:

Our Wisconsin friends opposite this portion of the Territory are quite excited and very anxious that the Nebraska regiment may be stationed in the southern part of the Territory near the Missouri border. In Holt and Andrew Counties, Mo., Union men are badly treated, and while they may be in the majority, having no arms they are overawed to a great extent.

I have just learned this morning that 'something is up" among the Otoe Indiana. The Choctaws have been up among the Kaws, Sacs and Foxes, Otoes and Pawness, and delegations have gohe Choctaw Nation to hold a conference about something. The Otoes are sullen, and not at all disposed to be communicative. However, I think if the General Government can in any way hasten the back payments due to them we can manage the Otoes. I have believed for months past that we shall have difficulty with the Indiana, and time only confirm me in that opinion.

I desire to state, in addition to the above, that in one country at least in the extreme southern part of this Territory there is believed to be an actual majority of secessionists.

I am also reliably informed that the Mormon emigrants, who are now crossing the Missouri River in great numbers at a point six miles above this city en route to Salt Lake, sympathize warmly with the secessionists. This emigration is much larger this year than usual, and comes mainly from England. I am satisfied, from what I have myself seen and heard, that, as a class, these people have little or no respect for our Government and institutions. They exercise a great influence over the Indian tribes located in this and the adjoining Territories, many of whom are at the pressfied with the Government. If they were disposed to make common cause with the secessionists in our own Territory and Missouri, the Indians also becoming their allies, they cold easily exterminate the whole loyal population between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains before relief could be obtained from the Government.

In view of these facts, I would respectfully request that one or two regiments of troops, in addition to our own, now nearly full, may be so disposed in this Territory as to prevent the secessionists in Missouri and Southern Nebraska and the Mormons and Indians on our western borders from uniting for our destruction.

We have been obliged to put forth every energy to raise the regiment called from our Territory by the President; it will be a serious drain upon our sparse and limited population to furnish it. However, I am confident that it will be ready for service in dition to this regiment called into the three-years' service, the citizens of every settled precinct are organizing companies for home protection. In this connection I beg leave to state that the quotas of arms heretofore received by this Territory have been most shamefully squandered; so much so, in fact, that at the present time we have not a single stand of arms wherewith to arm our volunteer companies. We should have immediately 1,000 stand of arms to distribute among the companies already organized for home protection. This year's quota has not yet been received. Can it not be sent forward immediately?

Will you advise me when and how I can draw for them?

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary and Acting Governor.