War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0290 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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price to be determined by the Ordnance Department and to be less than that of bronze pieces of the same caliber; a portion (two- thirds) of these guns to be rifled. The Ordnance Department will also report immediately which of the rifled projectiles heretofore submitted to the Government, including that now experimenting upon at the Washington Navy-Yard by Captain Dahlgren, is best adapted to this caliber, and will advise the War Department upon the best mode of procuring a supply of rifled ammunition to meet the exigencies of the present war. Dispatch is more important than even the selection of the very best model in this case.


Secretary of War.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND., June 22, 1861.


Secretary of War:

The six regiments of three-months' men first mustered into the service are now in Virginia. Four regiments have been mustered in for three years in addition, making in all ten. Those four are fully armed, uniformed, and equipped, ready for the field, and are in very fine condition. The call bearing date June 11 for six more regiments can be filled and the men ready for the field in twenty days from this time. The contracts for accouterments, clothing,a nd equipments of every kind will be let on Monday, to be filled in fifteen days. I am embarrassed by the appointment by the President of colonels for three regiments. It has a bad effect, and is regarded as the work of politicians at Washington and as an indignity to the Executive of the State, who has all the responsibility of raising the regiments. These colonels had no regiments when they were appointed and asked me to furnish camps, clothing, and equipments for them. Is there a new call for four more regiments? If so, I can furnish them all ready in twenty-days. Please answer at once. I will have two companies of cavalry ready on Monday. Answer.


Governor of Indiana.


Albany, June 22, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

The engagement I made with you on Wednesday week, namely, that commencing on third day after my return I would forward to Washington equivalent to one regiment volunteers daily for twenty-two days, is thus far kept. First week, ends to-night, and Fourteenth, Eighteenth, Twenty-first, Twenty-sixth, Twenty-ninth, and Thirty-eighth, in all seven regiments, have certainly been forwarded, and perhaps Thirty-seventh left New York City this evening. Apparently nothing will prevent the carrying out of my promise for next week and until the whole number has been moved, except want of arms, and I trust even in this respect the War Department is not to be disappointed.