War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0266 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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partial conversion of the original regiments of three-months' volunteers into regiments organized for three-years' service.

The President greatly regrets this state of things; he only consented to the measure of endeavoring to convert the three- months' into as many three-years' regiments upon such urgent representations, addressed to him by the authorities and by influential citizens of the State of Ohio, of such being the unanimous desire of the volunteers themselves, that he could not doubt but that, it yielding to the solicitations thus made to him, he was deferring, in fact, to the popular will. As the result unfortunately has not been in unison with the anticipations which he had been led to form, and since it appears that serious consequences are apprehended at Camp Dennison unless promptly diverted by the application of some effectual remedy, there remains but to see what remedy will best apply to so embarrassing a case. That proposed by the Governor of disbanding the three-months' men, after paying them off, does not meet with the President's approval. In his view this would not only be to disappoint too rudely the patriotic ardor of these gallant volunteers, but it would be a breach of the public faith under which they were induced to volunteer their services. Upon reflection, therefore, the President has decided that the three- months' men who had been thrown out from their old regiments in consequence of refusing to engage for the term of three years, shall be at once restored to and incorporated into their former regiments and companies, with the same rank, on the same footing, and upon the same terms precisely, in every respect, as when they were thrown out, and with this single difference between them and their new comrades, that their term of service will of course be for a shorter period, and that their old officers and non- commissioned officers who shall be re-enlisted with them will take rank next after those of same grade already appointed over these three-years' men.

A large excess over the organization prescribed for the three- years' regiments will be in this way occasioned, but it is foreseen and fully sanctioned. All recruiting for these regiments, however, will be instantly stopped, nor will it be resumed until after they shall have fallen below the standard prescribed for regiments of three-years' service, either by the disbandment of the three-months' men upon the expiration of their term of service or by the ordinary casualties of service. Nor shall any more officers or non-commissioned officers be elected or appointed in any of these regiments until after the number mustered with the regiments shall have fallen below the complement prescribed in General Orders, Numbers 15. Then, and not before, vacancies may be again filled in the manner laid down in that order.

I am, general, &c.,




Washington, June 12, 1861.


SIR: You will muster into service for two years all the regiments or companies which have been enrolled into the State service by the Governor of New York, the number so to be mustered not to exceed twenty-two regiments. This order is issued with the understanding with Governor Morgan that the regiments mustered and to be mustered shall move forward to the command of Major- General Patterson within three days from this date, and that about one regiment daily thereafter shall