War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0261 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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KEOKUK, IOWA, June 8, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

MY DEAR SIR: John W. Rankin, a citizen of Iowa and a member of the Senate, leaves for Washington on Monday. The Legislature at its late special session directed me to tender to the Government of the United States a regiment of cavalry. The regiment is organized, with Colonel Fitz Henry Warren as colonel. Iowa, through Mr. Rankin, tenders you the regiment, and earnestly urges on you the acceptance. It is composed of bold, brave, able-bodied men.

The three regiments of infantry placed at the disposal of the President are at the rendezvous in this place, anxiously awaiting arms. May I ask you to convert freely with Mr. Rankin, as he will fully represent my views and wishes. I hope that his known partiality for the Secretary of War and his untiring exertions for the success of Mr. Lincoln, as well as his devotion to the Government in the hour of its peril, will give him an easy access to you. Iowa is now ready to do its entire duty. I am overrun with applications of companies for admission into the national service. Our people are loyal, patriotic, and devoted. Their hearts are with you in the national struggle. Their prayers daily ascend for the President, the members of the Cabinet, and for glorious General Scott. Their desire is that the war be speedily terminated, and the 200,000 men in addition to what you have be called, if necessary, to extinguish the unnatural rebellion.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,


KEOKUK, IOWA, June 8, 1861.


Secretary of War, Washington:

MY DEAR SIR: The Iowa Legislature has directed me to urge upon the President of the United States the constitution of a brigade out of the Iowa regiments, or the Iowa and Nebraska combined, and the appointment of a general. I heartily concur with the Legislature, and through you urge a compliance. Such an officer is very much needed. If deemed better our State will promptly furnish a fourth regiment. The Honorable Samuel R. Curtis, colonel of the Second Regiment is very generally named in connection wit the chief officer of the brigade, and I heartily recommend him. In all your engagements I hope you will not overlook the young but loyal and gallant State which by the votes of the people I have the honor to represent.



J. W. Rankin will fully represent me in this matter.

I join in the foregoing recommendation of Governor Kirkwood, and respectfully but urgently commend ur favorable consideration. Colonel Curtis enjoys in an eminent degree the confidence of all our citizens, and his selection for the position of a brigadier- general would gratify us in the highest degree.

Very respectfully,


Second Congressional District of Iowa.