War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0240 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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give him immediate orders to muster for two years, or for the war? It is absolutely necessary that directions should be given to this effect by the War Department. At New York and Albany all have gone right in this respect.


COLUMBUS, OHIO, May 27, 1861.


Secretary of War:

Will you please notify Colonel Anderson, mustering officer, by telegraph that you authorized twenty regiments from Ohio for three years, and that the form of oath will be for three years, if the war so long continues, agreeably to information received by me from Governor Chase. We desire to muster in some regiments immediately. The threatening condition of the border demands it.



ORDERS.] WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, May 28, 1861.

The six regiments of troops in Indiana and the six regiments in Illinois, all which are now in the service of the United States, and commonly called three-months' men, or any one or more of said regiments, may forthwith or as soon as practicable report their readiness to Major-General McClellan, and by him, or under his order, be received in and attached to the longer service, commonly called three-years' men; provided that no officer or private is held under obligation to such change, and no one of said regiments shall be received into said longer service in which regiment more than one-fifth their number decline the change; and in cases of regiments received, the individuals declining, being not more than one-fifth of the whole, may be discharged at once, their places to be supplied as fast as possible by voluntary recruits. Any of the aforesaid regiments not being transferred to the longer service, according to the terms of the order, will remain in their present three-months' service.

By special order of the President:


Secretary of War.


MAY 28, 1861.

Let this order be entered as it now stands, I holding for further consideration the subject-matter of what I have erased.


WAR DEPARTMENT, May 28, 1861.

Governor WASHBURN,

Augusta, Me.:

You are authorized by this Department to organize and have mustered into service two regiments from your State for three years, or during the war.


Secretary of War.