War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0238 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Department concerning the organizations. Under this officer the orders should be given that no regiment shall leave for the seat of war except by his authority after it shall have been mustered into the service of the United States. The state of the equipment should be looked into by him, and even should a regiment be sent forward improperly equipped under some emergency, he could afterwards send the proper articles forward. No regiment leaves here now that is not unprovided with many things that it is entitled to and that are really indispensable. The deficiency ignorance of the persons having the matter in charge. They have had but little advice from experienced officers, and no assistance from any such persons. I have seen several officers of volunteer regiments which are now in Washington. They appear to have come back to get articles of camp and garrison equipage which were forgotten when they started off. These trips should, if possible, be prevented, as they only add to the existing confusion.

It may be objected to my proposition to have a commanding officer here to take charge of this business that Colonel Scott represents the commanding general here. That is true, but he keeps quiet, seems to take but little interest in the whole matter, and is, in short, of no use. The whole of the trouble about this business wold have been avoided had the Department had here an energetic and reliable officer, who could have answered questions, given orders, have communicated daily with the Department, and l of its orders. It is not too late now to save much trouble and much money by the appointment or detail of such a person. Colonel Keyes is here, and would, I think, like to have a volunteer brigadier-general's commission, probably giving up for it his Army commission. I do not know that he is the best man for the purpose, but I suggest him if no one else be mentioned.

Very respectfully, yours,


Colonel Twelfth Infantry, U. S. Army.

NEW YORK, May 27, 1861.


Secretary of War:

The difficulty between the Governor and the Defense Committee is only partially healed, but there is one regiment aboard ship for Old Point, and two are to leave for Washington to-night, unless some obstacle arises now unforeseen. Having seen the Governor, I do not go to Albany.


Colonel Twelfth Infantry, U. S. Army.

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 27, 1861.

Colonel WILLIAM B. FRANKLIN, U. S. Army,

New York:

Let me know how many regiments for three months accepted by Governor Morgan have been mustered into service, and by whom each is commanded. Also how many for three years accepted by him have been mustered into the service, and who commands each regiment. Answer by telegraph.


Secretary of War.