War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0231 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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rounds of shot. The State has nearly all the 12 and 6 pounder carriages and caissons in its arsenals ready to receive this new armament to the extent it is now prepared to introduce it, but it has no battery wagons and no forge wagons either in its arsenals or in possession of its organized militia. Four 12-pounder carriages and caissons, four battery wagons, and four forge wagons have to be provided with the usual implements to complete the material, together with the harness, for these rifle batteries. They are on hand in considerable numbers at the Watervliet Arsenal.

Now, the object of this communication, written by request of Governor Morgan, is to request that the State be allowed to receive these carriages, caissons, wagons, &c., to the extent specified, either as a part of the annual quota of arms that may now or hereafter become due or to receive them at once, and be replaced by the like to be made in the arsenal at the expense of the State; or, if either of these arrangements can be authorized, that the officers at the arsenal be authorized to employ additional workmen and purchase the necessary material to make up the requisite number at the expense of the State. As this last arrangement would cause considerable delay, it is very desirable that one or other of the preceding arrangements be authorized.

Will you do me the favor of learning the views of the Ordnance Department on the most satisfactory arrangement its interest will permit, and procure the authority of the Secretary of War to carry it into effect?

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Corps of Engineers.

[First indorsement.]


Respectfully referred to the Ordnance Department for its opinion on the within proposition and its alteratives and commended to all the favor it feels authorized to show.


Brevet Brigadier-General and Colonel of Engineers.

[Second indorsement.]

ORDNANCE OFFICE, May 27, 1861.

Respectfully returned. There is nothing due to the State of New York on account of quota under the law for arming the militia, and issues in advance on such accounts are forbidden. Loans of Government supplies or their issue, except to troops actually mustered into the U. S. service, are also forbidden. Sales of ordnance stores are restricted to such as are condemned on regular inspection as damaged or otherwise unserviceable. Work at U. S. arsenals except for Government purposes is forbidden at all times, and now the full capacity of those arsenals is not more than sufficient to supply urgent demands for the U. S. service. There is thus want of authority to comply with the written requests and lack of means to furnish at this time supplies for State or home troops unless to the delay of those needed for Government purposes.


Lieutenant-Colonel of Ordnance.