War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0195 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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mustered into services without delay shall not be filled within six days next after any further requisition shall be made on this State by the President of the United States for military aid, and before the 10th day of June, A. D.1861, he shall cause a sufficient number of the citizens of this State able to do military duty to fill said regiments to be drafted for service in said regiments from the several towns in this State, in proportion to their population; but such drafts shall be made as to make the number of each town, both volunteers and drafted men, as nearly equal as practicable in proportion to the population of the various towns; and in case the four regiments provided for in the discretion of the Governor shall not be filled in fifteen days after the issuing of an order therefor, the same shall be filled by draft, as aforesaid.

SEC.3. No person shall be received as a volunteer pursuant to this act whose age shall be less than twenty-one years, except by the written consent of his guardian, if he has one, or who shall be less than five feet four inches and one-half in height, or who shall have any such physical infirmity as to render him unfit for actual service.

SEC.4. Such volunteers and drafted men, or such suitable substitutes as shall be furnished by them, shall be required to serve this State, and the United States, when duly called for, for the period of two years from and after the 1st day of June, A. D. 1861, unless sooner discharged from service.

SEC.5. Each officer, volunteer, and drafted man, or substitute, from the date of his commission of volunteering, or being drafted or substituted, shall be subject to the rules and articles provided for the government of the armies of the United States now in force, or which may be hereafter in force.

SEC.6. The Governor shall provide suitable and sufficient instruction in drill and the military art in general for such men as fast as they shall volunteer, or be drafted or substituted as aforesaid; and as fast as a sufficient number shall be received as volunteers, or be drafted or substituted, as aforesaid, they shall be formed into companies and regiments, under the direction of the Governor, as provided in section 1 of this act.

SEC.7. As fast as such companies shall be so raised and formed the same shall be duly uniformed, armed, and equipped, and shall be regularly drilled and instructed at such places as shall be selected by the Governor for that purpose, and shall for that purpose go into barracks or encampment until ordered into actual service.

SEC.8. The colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors, chaplains, and quartermasters for said regiments shall be appointed and commissioned by the Governor, and the colonels shall appoint the staff officers of their respective regiments, and the surgeon and surgeon's mate shall be selected by the regimental officers. The quartermasters upon entering upon the duties of their office shall give bonds to the treasurer of the State in such sum and with such sureties as the Governor shall direct and approve, which bonds shall be filed in the office of the treasurer, and in case of breach, prosecuted under the direction of the auditor of accounts.

SEC.9. Each company shall elect officers. The commissioned officers shall receive their commissions from the Governor; the warrant officers their warrants in accordance with the usages in the Army of the United States.

SEC.10. The commissioned officers shall receive the same pay and rations as are received by like officers in the Army of the United States. The non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates shall receive