War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0181 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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and was doing, without obtaining any reply. Anxious to learn whether the part I was acting met the approbation of the General- in-Chief or the War Department, and apprehensive that my communications might not have been received, I sent Mr. Schuyler, volunteer aide-de-camp, with verbal messages, desiring to learn the wishes of the authorities at Washington, and whether what I was doing met their approbation, being unable to obtain any reply or information. Consequently I remained in ignorance of the wishes of the authorities until late in the evening of the 1st of May, when I received a communication, dated the 28th ultimo, from Lieutenant-General Scott, in which I was directed to repair to my headquarters in this city.

It was reported in New York that I was engaged in making contracts for supplies of various kinds to further the objects of the Union Defense Committee, and that these reports have reached Washington. It is due to myself to say that I made no contract of any kind whatever for the committed, or in behalf of the Government. At the request of the committee, however, I signed two charter parties for the ships to transport troops and supplies to Washington. I had nothing whatever to do with chartering the ships. I understand the committee paid the expense out of the city funds.

I have the honor to be, with considerations of the highest respect, your obedient servant,



SPRINGFIELD, ILL., May 9, 1861.

His Excellency A. LINCOLN,

President of the United States:

DEAR SIR: The citizens of Chicago, with their usual liberality, have been to a very large expense in preparing and fitting for active service a regiment of infantry for war. One citizen, Solomon Sturges, esq., has contributed the sum of $20,000, and it is the purpose of the city to equip the whole regiment and furnish it with all the arms required, and render it efficient, except Government rifles. One company, however, has 100 new Sharps rifles and 8,000 cartridges. A committee of the citizens of that locality have requested me to ask of Your Excellency that you will make a requisition on me for one additional regiment to come from Chicago, and to be called the Chicago Zouave Regiment, under the command of Colonel W. S. Johnson, jr. I cheerfully comply with their patriotic wish, and would respectfully ask of you, if possible, to grant their request. The regiment is composed of the very best material and well officered, and I have no doubt will be very efficient in service.

With much respect, I remain, yours truly,


P. S.-Telegraph Colonel William S. Johnson, jr., Chicago, if you will make the call and accept the regiment.

R. Y.

PORTLAND, ME., May 9, 1861.


MY DEAR SIR: I write simply to say that I am rejoiced to see you conducting affairs with so much spirit and energy. Rely upon it, you