War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0170 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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The Government, in order to retain the confidence of the people, must show some confidence in the people. The people are anxious to know what and how much is expected of them, and they are ready to respond.

While the details of the policy of the Government should not be made public, information of the general purposes of the Government should be lodged somewhere in each loyal State, so that there can be an authoritative assurance of what the Government expects and intends.

I received a request to send to Saint Louis for arms, but before my messenger reached there the arms had been removed to Illinois. I received then an order from General Wool upon the Governor of Illinois for 3,000 stand of arms; enough, with what Wisconsin already has, to arm five regiments of men. While my messenger was on his way to Springfield a dispatch from General Wool stated that his powers had been suspended, and the Governor of Illinois, of course, cr.

I have to request that arms be furnished to arm such troops as are likely to be called into service from this State, so that our soldiers may become accustomed to the use of them, or that a license be given to purchase arms to be us and ultimately turned over to the Government after its troubles are quieted upon its border.

You will excuse the frankness and freedom of this communication. The great interests involved and the anxiety of the whole people have induced me to thus address you, and I feel assured that you will receive it with the good will with which it is intended.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


INDIANAPOLIS, IND., May 7, 1861.


Secretary of War:

I believe a majority of those mustered into service in the six regiments would go for three years, but whether the discharge now of such persons as have enlisted for three months, but will not go three years, would be right and proper is a question I will leave the Department to determine. I have many companies in camp waiting your decision as to the number of additional regiments you will take for three years.


Governor of Indiana.

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 7, 1861.

Governor O. P. MORTON,


The Adjutant-General will give you full instructions in a day or two. There will probably be two regiments called from your State, under the second requisition of the President.


Secretary of War.

DAVENPORT, IOWA, May 7, 1861.


Secretary of War:

I have received requisition for only one regiment; that regiment is for three months, and has gone forward. I will muster the rest for