War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0109 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Twenty-fifth Regiment, Colonel Bruan, 500; Thirteenth Regiment, Colonel Smith, 400; left 23rd.

Twenty-eighth Regiment, Colonel Bennett, 400.

Eighth Regiment, Colonel Lyons, 900; Sixty-ninth Regiment, Colonel Corcoran, 1,050; left 23rd.

Twentieth Regiment, Colonel Pratt, 600; Seventy-ninth Regiment, Colonel McLeay, 700; about 26th. Total, 8,050.

Say 800 men in the present militia force of the State have already proceeded to or soon will be transported to Washington. I am quite ready to send several other regiments of the present force - indeed, the officers and men are perfectly impatient to start; but I need advices from Washington of the state of things before sending you too large a force.

I have the honor to be, very truly, yours,



Trenton, N. J., April 24, 1865.


Secretary of War:

DEAR Sir: Having tried in vain to communicate with your Department by mail and telegraphed, I now send you Mr. Albert B. Dod, as special messenger, for the purpose of giving you the following information. He will bring back from you any reply or orders you may desire to send in answer to this communication.

The four regiments which the State of New Jersey was called upon to furnish by the requisition of the Federal Government are now ready. Lieutenant Torbert, who was sent here for that purpose, is mustering them into the service of the United States, but he is very much embarrassed for want of instructions. He cannot find Major Laidley, and he has received no instructions from Washington, and only a few musterrolls - having received no reply from Washington to his call for them. He has also made a call on Major-General Wool for arms and accouterments, who replies that arms will be furnished, but he has no accouterments. He also desires instructions whether the troops are to be equipped for camp or garrison duty, and if for the former, where he is to draw for tents and camp equipage. We are also without orders as to where the New jersey troops shall be ordered. They are impatient to march, and we are very anxious to get them into active duty immediately. Our people are full of patriotic ardor which it is important should not be dampened by any delay in the movements of our quota. Should the Federal Government need them we can furnish additional regiments as soon as they can be armed and equipped by the Government at Washington. Should you desire it the troops from new Jersey can be transported direct from Trenton by propellers to Annapolis or any other point to which they can be carried by such vessels. Propellers can be obtained from this point for this purpose.

Major Hexamer, of the Hudson County Artillery, having a corps of 105 men, fully armed and equipped with six brass pieces of artillery, 6-pounders, offers you his services and will proceed immediately to any point to which you may order him. If you desire his corps please send your orders for them by the bearer of this communication on his return.

Very respectfully, yours,