War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0100 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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regard to our military movements. It will be very useful to the United States to give us authority to take and hold all the places and forts of the United States, subject always to your order. We will protect them against surprise and secure the harbor of Boston, while at the same time we shall be preparing a levy of men by exact drill and discipline for active service. I wish 1,000 to 2,000 men, if possible-say two regiments-might be ordered into active service now as military. There are at lest two regiments of hardy, strong men who are anxious to go into immediate service, who cannot maintain themselves while they are drilling and learning tactics, but who would enlist under a new war bill into the U. S. Army as volunteers. Now they can only be military. If you will order them to rendezvous in the forts, muster them in as militia, having it understood by a formal agreement (which I will see to) that the cannot have their pay as militia unless they agree to serve as army volunteers when their three months are out, if wanted, for at least one or two years, I doubt not I can thus raise and discipline you two regimens of hardy troops. It must be of great importance, I should think, to accomplish this end. Some other militia organizations still would go into camp without present or future pay while occupied in drilling-such as our New England Guards Battalion, in Boston-if we could have the arsenal at Cambridge free until you countermand the permission. The mayor of Springfield thinks the arsenal there ought to be guarded by soldiers constantly. We could keep a company there, with your permission.

Please allow full conferences with Governor Boutwell and regard him as a most confidential friend and agent of Massachusetts, and giving him and myself as much opportunity as possible to serve the United States you will aid in the development of the good will of our people into the highest efficiency of active efforts.

Your most obedient servant,


CONCORD, N. H., April 22, 1861. (Received t.)


Secretary of War:

New Hampshire tenders one or more additional regiments to the General Government. Will they be accepted?

by direction of the Governor:



EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, Albany, N. Y., April 22, 1861.


Secretary of War:

SIR: I have had no communication, telegraphic or otherwise, since Saturday last, and am painfully anxious to get news. I presume the War Department has garuded the Relay House and the Junction between Washington and the Annapolis Branch. It is thought these are important points in which to concentrate a strong force . In addition to those already advised, the Twenty- fifth Regiment--being the Albany regiment--has proceeded to New York to-day to enter the service of the Government, and will be transported to Washington immediately.

I am, truly, yours,