War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0096 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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We mean to overcome the great difficulty of procuring fire-arms of the most approved kind by obtaining them from Europe as speedily as possible, meantime making out with our old muskets and cannon as well as we can.

Our whole community have confidence in the patriotism and ability of the Administration at Washington, and it would give you heartfelt pleasure the hear the praises bestowed on your vigorous administration of the War Department amidst the difficulties by which you are surrounded.

You will see by the inclosed circular of what materials our committee is composed. We met this morning and adopted the name I have given above, and among other proceeding s passed the following resolution:

Resolved, That the chairman be requested to make application to the Secretary of War, respectfully requesting him to detail Colonel Dilasfield, or some other competent U. S. officer, to take charge of the river defenses of this city.

In discharging this duty I beg leave to state that Major Delafield--I suppose now a colonel--was named because of his having been long stationed here, and of his being, therefore, thoroughly acquainted with our topographical position, and not with any view of dictation to you. Any competent officer whom you may find it convenient to detail for this service will be heartily welcomed.

I have the honor to remain, your most obedient servant,





SIR: At an adjourned meeting of the retired and contributing members of the Washington Grays, and other citizens, held at Sansonm-street Hall last evening, which was largely attended, Charles S. Smith, esq., in the chair, the following resolutions, offered by Mr. William D. Lewis and seconded by Colonel J. Ross Snowden, were, after full discussion, unanimously adopted:

Resoled, That in view of the impending danger to our homes and liberties it is indispensable that a body of not less than ten regiments of resident citizens, each regiment to be composed of ten companies of not less than eighty men each, to be organized as a home guard for the defense of this city and neighborhood, should be raised without delay.

And whereas it is well known that a deficiency exists of arms suitable to the present national emergency, and that extraordinary measures must be adopted to procure them as early as they may be needed, the cost of which, and of all other requisite materials of war, should be borne by the citizens and institutions whose lives and property it will be the object of this organization to protect, be it further

Resolved, That a committee of citizens be appointed by the chair to solicit subscriptions in furtherance of the above object to the amount of $250,000, to be disbursed under the directions of the said committee appointed by the chair have authority to increase its numbers.

In pursuance of the foregoing proceedings I beg leave to inform you that you have been appointed a member of the aforesaid committee, which is composed of the gentlemen named below.

Your chairman requests me to notify you that the committee will meet at room Numbers 30, Merchants' Exchange, at 12 o'clock noon to-morrow (Saturday), where you are earnestly requested to attend.

Yours, respectfully,


Chairman of the Meeting.


Chairman, et al.