War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0049 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, Washington, January 18, 1861.

Honorable JOSEPH HOLT,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I have received a copy of a resolution passed by the House of Representatives on the 31st ultimo, referred by you to this office on the 15th instant, and I have the honor to furnish so much of the information required as relates to the condition of the forts.

Fort Wayen Detroit, Mich.-In a condition to mount its entire armament, but deficient in quarters.

Fort Porter, Black Rock, near Buffalo, N. Y.-Prepared for its armament and garrison.

Fort Niagara, mouth of Niagara River, N. Y.-Ready for its armament, but deficient in accommodation for garrison and supplies.

Fort Ontario, Oswego, N. Y.-Defensible.

Fort Montgomery, Rouse's Point, N. Y.-About half built; capable of some defense.

Fort Preble, Portland Harbor, Me.-In a defensible condition.

Fort Scammel, Portland Harbor, Me.-In a defensible condition.

Fort on Hog Island Ledge, Portland Harbor, Me.-Is in condition to receive a considerable portion of this armament bearing on the river passage, but is not defensible on the land side.

Fort McClary, Portmouth Harbor, Me.-Defensible.

Fort Constitution, Portsmouth Harbor, Me.-Defensible.

Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, Mass.-This strong work is essentially ready for its garrison and for nearly the whole of its armament.

Fort Winthrop, Boston Harbor, Mass.-The barbette guns of the tower may be mounted; capable of a good defense.

West Head Battery, Governor's Island, Boston Harbor, mass.- Defensible.

Southeast Battery, Governor's Island, boston Harbor, Mass.- Defensible.

Fort Independence, Boston?Harbor, Mass.-In good condition for service.

old fort at New Bedford Harbor, Mass.-Defensible.

new fort at Ne Bedford Harbor, Mass.-Not defensible.

Fort Wolcott, Newport harbor, R. I.-Defensible.

Fort Adams, Newport Harbor, R. I.-This very strong work is now essentially ready for its garrison and for its entire armament.

Fort Trumbull, New London Harbor, Conn.-This work is essentially finished. It is ready for its garrison and is already supplied with nearly the whole of its armament.

Fort Schuyler, eastern entrance ot New York Harbor.-Ready for its garrison and for its entire armament.

Fort Griswold, New London Harbor, Conn.-the exterior battery in good condition.

Fort at Willets Point, eastern entrance to New York harbor.-Not commenced.

Fort Columbus and Castle William, New York Harbor.-Both in good condition for defense.

Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, New York Harbor.-Defensible.

Fort Gibson, Ellis Island, New York Harbor.-Defensible.