War of the Rebellion: Serial 122 Page 0012 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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of 167 9\13 muskets-the equivalent of the 120 rifled muskets and accouterments. Crediting the State with his balance and with the 187 rifled muskets and accouterments ordered to be issued upon your requisition of the 21st of June last but not furnished, also with the disputed issue of 60 long-range rifles with accouterments and 60 long-range rifles without accouterments, the State is now indebted to the United States, as per annexed statement, to arms equivalent to 597 11\13, which will be covered within 1 7\13 muskets by the quota for 1861 when due.

In the statement transmitted to you in the letter of the 10th August the six 12-pounder Navy howitzers were charged at their equivalent at 232 6\13 muskets, while it is now ascertained to be 2356\13 muskets-difference, 2 12\13 muskets.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain of Ordnance.

Balance (without charging the State with the 120 rifled muskets and accouterments said to have been issued to Colonel Gibson) due to the State of Virginia, as per account rendered August 10, 1860, 167 9\13 muskets.

By value of 187 rifled muskets and accouterments ordered to be issued June 27, 1860, but not drawn by the State, 261 6\13 muskets.

Sixty long-range rifles and accouterments, 101 4\13 muskets.

Sixty long-range rifles, 65 11\13 muskets.

Balance due to the State on quota of 1861, 596 4\13 muskets.

State, debtor.-To 450 percussion muskets and accouterments ordered to be issued November 23, 1860, being equivalent tot 594 12\13 muskets.

Additional cost of Navy howitzers, 2 12\13 muskets.

Due the United States, 597 11\13 muskets.

Deduct balance on quota of 1861, 6\596 4\13 muskets.

Chargeable to quota for 1862, 1 7\13 muskets.

NEW YORK, December 12,1 860.

Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD,

Secretary of War:

SIR: General Semmes, agent to purchase arms for the State of Georgia, and with whom I am advising to the best of my information, desire to know what kind of projectile you would recommend for rifle cannon; also, the weight of the field gun and the size of the bore. We know that many experiments have been made under your orders and direction, and if any satisfactory results have been arrived at we should be pleased to the them. A letter addressed to me at the Fifth Avenue Hotel will reach, if sent within the next three or four days.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel, First Cavalry.


Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD,

Secretary of War:

SIR: By a resolution of the Senate, adopted on the 11th instant, this committee is instructed to inquire whether the expenses in the military