War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0973 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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tated, but this is so gradual as to be scarcely perceptible save to one who sees him at comparatively long intervals. He complains of neuralgic pains in his head and right shoulder. I attribute his gradual wasting away more to mental than physical pain.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon and Brevet Colonel, U. S. Army.

FORT MONROE, VA., November 7, 1866.


Fort Monroe, Va.:

SIR: I have the honor to report that I observe no perceptible change in the physical condition of state prisoner Jefferson Davis. He complains such of muscular debility and neuralgic pains, affecting the back part of his head and right shoulder.

Your obedient servant,


Surgeon, U. S. Army.


Washington, D. C., November 8, 1866.

General JOSEPH HOLT, Judge-Advocate-General:

GENERAL: I have the honor to say I deem it proper to inform you that within a few days, and since Sanford Conover's arrest, I have had several conversations with him, in the course of which I brought to his notice and exhibited to him, as published, the various letters which first appeared in the New York Herald and have since been copied into other papers, purporting to be from or to him, and intended by their statements and intimations to criminate yourself, and desired him to say what he knew in regard to them. The letters to which I refer may be described as follows, viz: One signed M, dated 17th of April, 1866, and addressed to said Conover; one bearing the signature of William Campbell and also addressed to Conover, under date of Saint Albans, Vt., November 19, 1865; one signed Carter, and directed Westchester House, November 14, 1865; one signed S. Conover, addressed to Patten and dated Ephrata Mountain House, June 8, 1866, and one date Philadelphia, December 13, 1865, signed S. Conover and addressed toBrigadier-General Holt, Judge-Advocate-General, professing to have inclosed within it a letter to said Conover from M. N. Harris, dated Harrisburg, December 11, 1865. Conover declared to me unhesitatingly and distinctly that he had written no such letters to you as the foregoing, purporting to have been written by him to yourself; and further, he stated that he had not received from the pareties above named, or either of them, any such letters as those above set forth, and which profess to have been written by said parties to said Conover; and further, that he knew nothing in regard to them. While he thus in effect dclared all these papers to be fabricated and false, he insisted that he did not know by whom they had been manufactured for publication. Several of these letters, as published, will be found send out fully in the depositions of Joseph Hoare and William H. roberts, recently taken at my office. Feeling some solicitude to know what motive could have prompted Conover