War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0899 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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Mr. Boutwell submitted thefollowing preamble and resolutions and demanded the previous question;

Whereas, the President of the United States did, on the 3rd [2d] of May, in the year 1865, by proclamation, declare and make shown that it did then appear from evidence in the Bureau of Military Justice that the atrocious murder of the late President, Abraham Lincoln, and the attempted assassination of Honorable William H. Seward, Secretary of State, were incited, concerted, and procured by and between Jefferson Davis, late of Richmond, Va., and Jacob Thompson, Clement C. Clay, Beverly Tucker, George N. Sanders, William C. Cleary, and other rebels and traitors against the Government of the United states; and whereas, the said Jefferson Davis, in the same month of May, was arrested by the military forces of the United States and has since been held in the custody thereof under the authority of the President of the United States: Therefore,

Be it resolved, that the Committee on the Judiciary be instructed to inquire whether there is probable cause to believe that any of the persons named in said proclamation are guilty, as is in said proclamation alleged, and if so, whether any legislation is necessary in order to bring such persons to a speedy and impartial trial; and that said committee have power to send for persons and papers.

And be it further resolved, That said committee be in like manner empowered to inquire whether there is probable cause to believe that said persons, or any of them, are guilty of treason against the United States and whether any legislation is necessary in order to bring such persons to a speedy and impartial trial in the district where such crime may have been committed.

The previous question was seconded and the main question ordered; and murder the operation thereof the preamble and resolutions were adopted.


Washington, April 17, 1866 - 4.45 p. m.

Major General N. A. MILES, Commanding, &c., Fort Monroe, Va.:

Clement C. Clay, jr., is hereby released from confinement and permitted to return to and remain in the State of Alabama and tgo visit such other places in the United States as his personal business may render absolutely necessary upon the following conditions, viz: That he takes the oath of allegiance to the United States and gives his parole of honor to conduct himself as a loyal citizen of the same, and to report himself in person at any time and place to answer any charges that may hereafter be preferred against him by the United States.

Please report receipt and execution of this order.

By order of the President of the United States:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


April 19, 1866.

General E. D. TOWNSEND, Assistant Adjutant-General:

GENERAL: Inclosed I have the honor to forward report of Surgein Cooper in reference to the health of state prisoner Jefefrson Davis.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General of Volunteers.