War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0877 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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the forepart of April, and during the time I was boarding there Colonel Steel, Captain Hines, Mr. Leslie, C. C. Clay, and others took a social dinner, or wine dinner, at the general table in the dining room of the Hyrons House.

Question. Do you think you could identify Mr. Clay if you should see him?

Answer. I think that I could identify him readily.


Sworn and subscribed to before me this 1st of February, A. D. 1866.


Deputy Clerk, Wayne County, Mich.

Deposition of Hiram l. Hall.

Question. What is your name in full and place of residence?

Answer. Hiram Lewis Hall. I reside in Toronto, Canada West.

Question. Do you know Clement C. Clay, of Alabama?

Answer. I know him well. I have been acquainted with him for the past fifteen or twenty years.

Question. Where did you become acquainted with him?

Answer. In Montgomery, Ala., where I have resided for the past twenty years until I came to Canada in 1862.

Question. Have you ever seen C. C. Clay in Canada?

Answer. I have met and conversed with him very frequently in Canada.

Question. Can you state when and where you saw him first in Canada?

Answer. I cannot give the exact date, but think it was some time in May or June, 1864, in Toronto, Canada West. He was in company with Mr. Holcombe. I think that is the first time I saw him in Canada.

Question. Did you see him often after that time?

Answer. I did see him several times at Toronto, Saint Catherines, and Clifton or Suspension Bridge.

Question. Did you at any time in 1865 see C. C. Clay in Canada; and if so, when and under what circumstances?

Answer. I met Mr. Clay in december, 1864, in Toronto and shook hands with him and bid him good-by as he was starting for Montreal to take a ship and endeavor to run the blockade into the Southern States. I supposed at that time that he had gone, but some time after New Year's, 1865, I met him again, when he said "that he had failed to run the blockade and returned to Canada."

Question. How late in 1865 do you think that you saw him?

Answer. I cannot tell exactly, but it was some time after the passage of the bill known as the Alien Bill when I saw him, and he said that he supposed that he should be compelled to go to England, as it would be just like some of his friends to prefer charges against him for violating the neutrality laws, and as that bill did not provide for any excuse he supposed he would have to 'skedaddle."

Question. Have you see him since that time?

Answer. I have not.

Question. Do you think that you could recognize him if you should see him?

Answer. I am quite sure that I could.