War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0795 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.- UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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town council met and agreed upon the release of the prisoners, Captain H., with the rest, who was at that time,a s represented, confiend in the jail, having had charges preferred against him for being a spy by Jones. upon his release from jail Mr. Haweth insisted upon his going to breakfast with him, which the Captain did, and that while at the breakfast table Lieutenant (not Captain) Jones, adjutant,and three other men came with orders from Jones and took him away, which is the last he ever saw of him; but he is confident of his own mind that Jones never took him farther than two miles from the town before he disposed of him, and that he (Jones) never went near Demopolis, as he represents to have done, as the testimony of Mr. A. B. Griffin, who is at present resideing in this place [shows

. He (Griffin) states that he was notified by Jones (he being in the Bureau of Exchange, at Demopolis) that Captain Hanchett had been sent there for exchange, but he (Griffin) never received him,and that he can with some little time produce the records connected with that office. Who this Lieutenant Wilson (as represented by Jones) is he knows nothing of and never to his knowledge heard of him. he is of the same opinion as Haweth that Jones never took him near Demopolis. I will here give the names of prominent men of the place whose testimonay corresponds with Haweth's in the case: Mr. Robert J. Travers and Mr. J. Sadler, both of whom I have conversed with upont he subject. Haweth remembers the names of two of the men who were with Nones, adjutant, when Captain Hanchett was demanded from the breakfast table.one was a Mr. P. B. Waughn, a doctor, who is at present resideing near Demopolis, and the other Phelin Vughn, jr., by name, and residing near the place, and whose testimoany I have not been able to ascertain, he keeping out of the way since the attempt to arrest Jones last sumemr; he, it is said, can be ounf at any time. Doctor Whitfield, of Demopolis, I learn, was here at the time; but what he knows in the case I do not know. There was also another doctor tending onthe prisoner at the time by the name of J. S. Dean; he, as I understan, is at present redsiding in New Hmpshire, what part I am not able to ascertain. Having given the testimony of persons that know something about the affair,and persons who are willing to give all the aid in their power to bring the guilty to justice, I am in the belief that CaptainHanchett was foully dealt with and pt to death either by Jones and his adjutant, his orders, or by his knowledge. it is the belief of citizens of Cahaba that Jones can be found inNew Orleans, La. Having stated all thefacts concerning the case in my power to find out I will contine it no further. Hoping that the report may prove satisfactory, I am,

Very reseptfully, your obedietn servant,


Commanding Comapny K, Forty- seventh Illinois Infty.

P. S.- Inclosed you will find the papers as requested to be returned.

WAR DEPARTMETN, Washington City, November 13, 1865.

Major-Geenral SHERIDAN, New Orleans:

You are authorized to release J. B. Clark, a prisoner confined, by order of the President,in FOrt Jackson.


Secretary of War.