War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0790 PRISONERS OF W AR AND STATE,E TC.

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45,000 men,in unhealthy and unwholesome quarters,in a close and small area of ground wholly inadequate to their wants and destructive to their health, which he well knew and intended; and, while there so confined during the time aforesaid, did, in furtherance of his evil design, and in aid of the said conspiracy, willfully and maliciusly neglect to furnish tents, barracks, or other shelter sufficient for their protection from the inclemency of winter and the dews and burning sun of summer; and with such evil intent did take, and cause to be taken, from the, their clothing, blankets, camp equipage,a nd other property of which they were possessed at the time of being placed in his custody; and, with like malice and evil intent, did refuse to furnish, or cause to be furnished, food either of a quality or quantity sufficient to preserve health and sustain life; and did refuse and neglect to funish wood sufficient for cooking in summer and to keep the said prisoners warm in winter; and did compel the said prisoners to subsist upon unwholesome food,and that in limited quantities, entirely inadequate to sustain health, which he well knew; and did compel the said prisoners to use unwholesome water, reeking with the filth and garbage of the prison and prison guard and the offal and drainage of the cook-house of said prison, whereby the prisoners became greatly reduced in their bodily strenghth, and emaciated and injured in their bodily health; their minds impaired and their intellects broken; and many of them, to wit, about the number of 10,000, whose names are unknown, sickened and died by reason therof, which he, the said Henry Wirz,then and there well knew and intended; and, so knowing and evilly intending, did refuse and neglect to provide proper lodgings, food, or nourishment for the sick, and necessary medicine and medical attendence for the restoration of their health; and did knowingly, willfully, and maliciously,in furtherance iof his evil designs, permit them to languish and to die from want of care and proper treatment. And the said Henry Wirz, still pursuing his evil purposes, did permit to remain in the said prison among the emaciated sick and languishing living, the bodies of the dead until they became corrupt and loathsome, and filled the air with fetid and noxious exhalations, and thereby greatly increased the unwholesomeness of the prison, insomuch that great numbers of said prisoners, whose names are unknown, sickened and died by reason thereof. And the said Henry Wirz, still pursuing his wicked and cruel purpose, wholly disregarding the usages of civilized warfare, did, at the time and place aforesaid, maliciously and willfully subject the prisoners aforesaid to cruel, unusual, and infamous punishment, upon slight trivial, and fictitious pretenses, by fastening large balls of iron to their feet, and binding numbers of the prisoners aforesaid closely together with large chains around their necks and feet, so that they walked with the greatest difficulty, and being so confined were subjected to the burning rays of the sun, often without food or drink for hours, and even days, from which said cruel treatment numbers, whose names are unknown, sickened, fainted, and died. And he, the said Wirz, did further ruelly treat and injure said prisoenrs by maliciously tying them up by the thumbs, and willfully confining them within an instrument of torture called "the stocks," thus depriving them of the use of their changing position, and being without food or drink, in consequence of which many, whose names are unknown, sickened and died. And he, the said Wirz, still wickedly pursuing his evil purpose, did establish, and cause to be designated within the prison inclosure containing said prisoners, a "dead- line," being a line around the inner face within said stocakade; and having so established said dead- line, which was in some places an imaginary line, and in other places marked by insecure and shifteing strips of boards, nailed upon the top of small and insecure stakes or posts, he, the said Wirz, instructed the prison guard stationed around the top of said stockade to fire upon and kill any of the prisoners a foresaid who might fall upon, pass over or under or across the said dead- line;l pursuant to to which said orders and insturctions, maliciously and needlessly given by said Wirz, the said prison guard did fire upon and kill a number of said prisoners. And the said Wirz, still pursuing his evil purpose, did keep and use ferocious and bloodthirsty dogs, dangerous to human life, to hunt down prisoners of war aforesaid who made their escape from his custody; and did then and there willfully and maliciously suffer, incite, and encourage the said dogs to seize, tear, mangle,and maim the bodies and limbs of said fugitive prisoners of war, whcih the said dogs, incited as aforesaid, then and there did, whereby a number of said prisoners of war, who, during the timeaforesaid, made their escape and were recaptured, died. And the said Wirz, still pursuing his wicked purpose, and still aiding in carrying out said conspiracy, did cause to be used for the pretended purposes of vaccination, impure and poisonous vaccine matter, which said impure and poisonous matter was then and there, by the direction and order of said Wirz, maliciously, cruelly, and wickedly deposited in the arms of amny of said prisoners, by reason of which large numbers of them lost the use of their arms, and many of them were so injured that they soon therafter died. All of which he, the said Henry Wirz, well knew and maliciously intended, and in aid of the then existing rebellion