War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0758 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Plan of the second floor of the officers' quarters at the salient bastion of fronts 6 and 7 of Fort Monroe.


A short bridge and stairway has been erected, connecting the end of piazza in front of prison room with the ramparts, enabling the prisoner to reach them for outdoor exercise without descending the stairs.

The piazza is partitioned forty- five feet from the south extremity, whih will give the prisoner this distance for exercise during inclement weather.

The prison room is well ventilated, well lighted, and is in that end of Carroll Hall the least exposed to cold winds. in it is a grate for coal, which ought to keep a proper degree of warmth during cold weather.

The room marked in the sketch, Y, on the second floor and the room on the first floor under that marked X in the sketch could be made secure for the reception of other prisoenrs. other rooms could be so prepared, but I designate these, for the reason that this end of the building could be shut off by a barricade in the hall, not interfering with the rest of the building for officers;' quarters; besides this the gaurds would be concent5rated instead of scattered,a nd, if necessary, their number diminished.

I deisignate these two rooms of the eight in prison end fort he reason that the pr9isoners would be the most distant from each other, and it