War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0674 PRISONERS OF WAR ANDD STATE, ETC.

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FORT PULASKI, GA., June 27, 1865.

List of State prisoners heldd in custody at Fort Pulaski, Ga.

R. M. T. Hunter, Virginia, arrived June 5, 1865, ex-rebel Senator; J. A. Campbell, Alabama, arrived June 5, 1865, ex-Assistant Secretary of War; James A. Seddon, Virginia, arried June 5, 1865, ex-Secretary of War; A. G. Magrath, south Carolina, arrived June 11, 1865, ex-Governor of south Carolina; A. B. Moore, Alabama, arrived June 15, 1865, ex-Governor of Alabama; A. K. Allison, Florida, arrive June 19, 1865, ex-Governor of Florida; D. L. Yulee, Florida, arrived June 19, 1865, ex-U. S. Senator; Thomas L. [Charles] Clark, Mississippi, arrived June 25, 1865, ex-Governor of Mississippi.


Captain, Sixth U. S. Infantry, Commanding Post.



Numbers 52.

San Francisco, Cal., June 27, 1865.

I. Before a military commission which convened in the city of San Francisco, Cal., May 22, 1865, pursuant to Special Orders, Numbers 111, dated May 18, 1865, heaquarters Department of the Pacific, San Francisco, Cal., and of which Colonel Edward McGarry, Second Cavalry California Volunteers, is president, were arraigned and tried--

T. E. Hogg, E. A. Swain, John S. Hidle, W. L. Black, T. J. Grady, R. B. Lyon, andd Joseph Higgin.

CHARGE: Violation of the laws and usages of civilized war.

Specification.-In this, that they, the ssaid T. E. Hogg, E. A. Swain, John, S. Hidle, W. L. Black, T. J. Gray, R. B. Lyon, and Joseph Higgin, being commissioned, enrolle, enlisted, or engagedd by the Govenrment of the so-called Confedderate States, at war with the United State, did, on or about the 10th day of November, 1864, come on boardd the U. S. merrchant steamer Salador, then lying in the friendly port of Panama, New Granada, in the guise of peaceful passengers, without any visible mark or insignia indicationg their true character as enemies, and did so enter on board of the said steamer, seccretly armed andd providedd with manacles, with the intent, purpose, an object of treacherously rising on the master, crew, and unsuspecting passengers of said steamer whn she hadd reached the high seas, and of capturing her and the property aboard, and of converting her into a cruiser to prey on the commerce of the citizens of the United States.

To which charge and specification, the prisoners having declined to plead, was entered the plea of not guilty.


The commission, having maturely considered the evidence adduced, finds the accused, T. E. Hogg, E. A. Swain, John S. Hiddle, W. L. Black, T. J. Grady, R. B. Lyon, and Joseph Higgin, as follows:

Of the specification, guilty.

Of the charge, guilty.

And the commissssion does therefore sentence them and each of them, the said T. E. Hogg, E. A. Swain, John s. Hiddle, W. L. Black, T. J. Graddy, R. b. Lyon, and Joseph Higgin, to be hung by the neck until they are dead at such time andd place as the proper authority may ddirect, two-thirds of the members of the commission concuriing therein.

II. The proceedings having been submitted to thhe major-general commanding the ddepartment, the following are his orders in the case:

The commission overruledd the objection made by the prisoners to question asked Captain Davenport by the judge-advocate, as to his opinion whether there was sufficient opium in the possession of the