War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0606 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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their own miserable utensils. They were allowed to cook in the tent doors and in the lanes, and this was another source of filth and another favorable condition for the generation and multiplication of flies and other vermin.

The air of the tents was foul and disagreeable in the extreme, and in fact the entire grounds emitted a most nauseous and disgusting smell.

I entered nearly all the tents and carefully examined the cases of interest, and especially the causes of gangrene, upon numerous occasions during the prosecution of my pathological inquiries at Andersonville, and therefore enjoyed every opportunity to judge correctly of the hygiene and police of the hospital.

There appeared to be almost absolute indifference and neglect on the part of the patients of personal cleanliness their persons and clothing in most instances, and especially of those suffering with gangrene and scorbutic ulcers, were filthy in the extreme and covered with vermin. It was too often the case that patients were received from the stockade in a most deplorable condition. I have seen men brought in from the stockade in a dying condition, begrimed from head to foot with their own excrements, and so black from smoke and filth that they resembled negroes rather than white men. That this description of the stockade and hospital has not been overdrawn will appear from the reports of the surgeons in charge appended to this report. I have drawn up for the consideration of the Surgeon-General and the use of the Medical Department of the Confederate States the following tables, presenting a consolidated view of the diseases of the Federal prisoners confined at Andersonville, and also of the Confederate forces acting as a guard around the stockade and hospital:

Report of sick and wounded Federal prisoners at Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Ga., from

1st of March to 31st of August, 1864.

(Consolidated from the records on file in office of post surgeon.)