War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0589 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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The Surgeon-General C. S. Army furnished me with the following letter of introduction to the surgeon in charge of the C. S. military prison at Andersonville, Ga.:


Richmond, Va., August 6, 1864.


In Charge of Hospital for Federal Prisoners, Andersonville, Ga.:

SIR: The field for pathological investigation s afforded by the large collection of Federal prisoners in Georgia is of great extent and importance, and it is believed that results of value to the profestion may be obtained by a careful investigation of the effects of disease upon this large body of men subjected to a decided change of climate and to the circumstances peculiar to prison life. The surgeon in charge of the hospital for Federal prisoners, together with his assistants, will afford every facility to Surg. Joseph Jones in the prosecution of the labors ordered by the Surgeon-General. Efficient assistance must be rendered Surgeon Jones by the medical officers, not only in his examinations into the causes and symptoms of the various diseaes, but especially in the arduous labors of post-mortem examinations.

The midical officer will against in the performance of such post-motrems as Surgeon Jones may indicate, in order that this great field for pathological investigation may be exposed for the benefit of the medical department of the Confederate Army.



In compliance with this letter of the Surgeon-General, Isaiah H. White, chief surgeon of the post, and R. R. Stevenson, surgeon in charge of the prison hospital, afforded the necessary facilities for the prosecution of my investigations amongst the sick outside of the stockade.

After the completion of my labors in the military prison hospital the following communication was addressed to Brigadier General John H. Winder, in consequence of the refusal on the part of the commandant of the interior of the C. S. military prison to admit me within the stockade upon the order of the Surgeon-General:

CAMP SUMTER, Andersonville, Ga., September 16, 1864.

Brigadier General JOHN H. WINDERS, Commandant Post, Andersonville:

GENERAL: I respectfully request the commandant of the post of Andersonville to grant me permission and to furnish the ncessary pass to visit the sick and medical officers within the stockade of the C. S. prison.

I desire to institute certain inquiries ordered by the Surgeon-General. Surg. Isaiah H. White, chief surgeon of the post, and Surg. R. R. Stevenson, in charge of the prison hospital, have afforded me every facility for the prosecution of my labors amongst the sick outside of the stockade.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon, Provisional Army, C. S.

In the absence of General Winder from the post Captain Winder furnished me with the following order:

CAMP SUMTER, Andersonville, September 17, 1864.

Captain H. WIRZ, Commadning Prison:

CAPTAIN: You will permit Surg. Joseph Jones, who has ordered from the Surgeon-General, to visit the sick within the stockade that are under medical treatment. Surgeon Jones is ordered to make certain investigations which may prove useful to his profession.

By direction of Generl Winder:

Very respectfully,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Before entering into an examination of the diseases which proved so fatal to the Federal prisoners in Camp Sumber the medical topography and climate of the surrounding country will be briefly considered, that data may thus be obtained by which to estimate more correctly the causes of the fatal diseases.