War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0572 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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should be forwarded for exchange. Copy of indorsement herewith, marked G. On receipt of this letter I informed the lieutenant-general by telegram, March 25, that the officer referred to were not them and had not been wearing ball and chain, but that they were under sentence to confinement for various periods. Telegram herewith, marked H.* In reply I was instructed to forward all the prisoners referred to in my dispatch. Telegram herewith, marked I.* Three other letters from Mr. Ould complaining that contrary to the agreement prisoners were held in close confinement were received by me on the 20th of March from Lieutenant-General Grant, with instructions in two cases to forward the prisoners and in the third without particular instructions. These letters were returned, all with an indorsement showing what had been done in each case. Copies of the indorsement are herewith, marked K, L, and M. The general instructions given by me were based on the telegram of Lieutenant-General Grant of the 17th of February, using his own words, and it was upon this order that Captain Gurley was forwarded. He had been held awaiting promulgation of sentence since January 9, 1864, and the order covered his case. The records that the was charged give the charges against him, and it was not known that he was charged with the murder of General McCook until a copy of the roll on which he was forwarded to City Point for exchange was received. There were other prisoners of the same character on the same roll, and if it was not intended that such should be exchanged, they could have been sent back from City Point. General Grant's order required me to forward all prisoners, without exception, who were or had been in close confinement or in irons, but to guard against misunderstanding I inquired of him whether citizens or parties who had been arrested since the date of the agreement were to be released under his order, and was informed by him that they were not, and orders were given accordingly. I submitting the foregoing for your consideration I feel assured that I have clearly shown that in carrying out the orders I received I not only did not go beyond them, but through the precaution of reference to Lieutenant-General Grant I had them much restricted.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Bvt. Brigadier General, U. S. Army, Commissary-General of Prisoners.

BOSTON, May 25, 1865.

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

I made arrangements for the reception of Messrs. Stephens and Reagan at Fort Warren yesterday. They arrived at 10 last evening and were transfered to the fort this morning at 10. They are securely disposed of. I will make a full report from my headquarters in New York to-morrow.



RALEIGH, May 25, 1865.

Major General H. W. HALLECK:

I have arrested Captain Morfit and will guard him to you at once.#




* See p. 428.


# For order directing arrest, see Series I, Vol. XLVII, Part III< p. 567.