War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0535 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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ment, I have not considered it advisable at present to call the attention of any Federal officer to these facts or to turn over said property to them for their action in the matter, but at the same time am unwilling to hold them without a proper explanation to be used in my defense hereafter in case any charges arebrought agaisnt me. Some of the property evidently belongs to citizens of Georgia, while other of it was evidently the property of the prisoners themselves. No list of prisoners' names from whom these things were taken was ever furnished me, and consequently I can give no information as to the individual ownership. I place these facts and property in your hands, subject to your discretion, and in order that, as a friend of mine, you can protect me from any complaints which may be brought-against me in the matter. Any of the officers stationed at Andersonville at the time of this transaction will confirm my statements, as will also my clerks. All other property in my hands belonging to prisoners of war has been turned over to them through the proper channel, the moneys thrugh the hands of Captain Thomas R. Stewart, Company G, First Maryland Regiment, to Colonel Ould, agent of exchange, and other property through the commandant of prison at Andersonville. Hoping that it will not be asking too much of a favor to protect me us far as in your power in this matter.

I am, your very true friend,


P. S.-Inclosed find W. H. Hatch's receipt* for Federal funds and Wirz's receipt* for other articles, viz, thirty-nine watches and parts of same, four teaspoons, one tablespoon, two forks, one lot of trash too worthless to enumerate.

R. B. W.


Augusta, Ga., May 5, 1865.

Brigadier-General TERRY and IMBODEN,

Commanding Prison District, and

Subordinate Commanders of Prisoners of War:

The Commissary-General of Prisoners directs me to instruct you to parole all Federal prisons of war now held wihtin our jurisdiction, according to established forms, and to send them under flag of truce in charge of competent officers to the nearest accessible point in the Federal lines for exchange, taking receipts in triplicate from Federal officers authorized to receive them for all prisoners thus delivered.

Circumspection and humane treatment in accordance with the customs of war will be strictly enjoined on all officers charged with these duties, and all others connected with the service of this department.

Reports and returns will be promptly rendered of all action under these instructions.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

[Not signed.]

WASHINGTON, May 6, 1865-1 p. m.

Major-General HALLECK:

Since your dispatch of the 3rd [5th] I think it will be advisable to leave Hunter alone for the present. Although it would meet with opposition


*Not found.