War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0408 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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M. L. Hobson, of Virginia, captured May 6, 1863, in the Gulf of Mexico on a blockade-runner.

M. A. Hardin, of Kingston, Ga., represents himself as a captain of rebel cavalry; captured on a blockade-runner April 25, 1863.

Joseph T. Herpin, of Alabama, was supercargo and part owner of schooner General Prim; captured April 24, 1863; was tried by military commission at Key West, and recommended to be paroled. Served for a few months in the First Alabama Volunteers; was never in action.

S. Henderson, captured in the blockade-runner Planter June 15, 1863, of which vessel he was steersman; fifty years old, family in the South. Declined the oath for fear of confiscation of his property; a steam-boat man by occupation; willing to take a neutral oath.

R. H. Hooper, born in Baltimore, captured in the steamer Hattie, off Wilmington, July 24, 1864; twenty-four years old, single man, seaman; always sailed out of Southern ports. Says his object in manning the blockade-runner was to recover his health. Discharged from rebel service on account of disability. Intended to remain abroad until close of war.

W. C. Hammer, of Baltimore, was captain of the rebel blockade-runner Hope; run blockade four or five times; captured October 22, 1864.

H. H. Ingraham, of Florida, was purser of the rebel blockade-runner R. E. Lee; captured November 9, 1863; twenty-four years old; previous business an accountant.

R. Jamison was master of the blockade-running schooner Two Sisters; captured near the Rio Grande September 20, 1863.

C. P. Jenkins, of Florida, private, Ninth Florida Regiment, captured on Florida coast June 1, 1863.

J. P. Johns, same as next above.

C. P. Jervey was first mate of the rebel blockade-runner Ella and Anna; always followed the sea; captured November 6, 1863.

Robert Johnson, master of the schooner Director, captured on the coast of Florida September 29, 1863.

William Jones, captured on a blockade-runner July 2, 1864; seaman by profession.

Vincent Leonardy, captured on Florida coast October 17, 1863.

John Lewis, second mate of the blockade-runner Matagorda, captured September 10, 1864.

Issac Lewis, was steward of the blockade-running steamer Lucy; captured November 2, 1864; claimed to be a British subject, but was ascertained to be an American citizen.

Alexander Lawrance, was chief engineer of the Ella and Anna, blockade-running steamer; citizen of Baltimore; single; captured November 6, 1863.

David Morgan, seaman of the steamer Planter, captured June 15, 1863.

Benajmin P. McCaskey, boatswain of the rebel seamer Alabama, and of the rebel Navy; captured June 19, 1864.

T. A. Menzies, engineer of the blockade-runner Ida, captured July 8, 1864; citizen of Maryland.

Malcom Macneu, passenger in the blockade-running steamer Sapulding captured October 4, 1863; native of Pennsylvania.

E. H. Putnam, of North Carolina, mate of the steamer Lizie, captured July 16, 1863.

William R. Postell, was master of the blockade-runner Ida; captured July 8, 1864; native of South Carolina; residence Georgia; formerly in the U. S. Navy.