War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0407 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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exchange or such other disposition as the Honorable Secretary of War may think proper to make of them, viz:

William D. Archer, captured May 12, 1863, claims to be a private in rebel service. Boasts, it is said, of having killed some of the "damned Yankees"; of his attentions to continue his exploits in this line and of having been one of those who fired upon the pursuit boat, which was enticed on shore by misuse of a flag of truce in the hands of men disguised as contraband women. Several of the pursuit men were seriously wounded at the time.

H. Burrows, of South Carolina, passenger in steamer Britannia, captured off the Bahamas June 24, 1863.

M. A. Beck, private, Ninth Florida Regiment, captured on Florida coast June 1, 1863.

James H. Britt, of North Carolina, captured in rebel blockade-runner R. E. Lee November 9, 1863, of which he was steward. Single man, farmer, twenty-seven years old.

John Carnighan, captured in blockade-runner Britannia, on which he was a passenger, June 24, 1863.

Robert Caldwell, private, Sixty-third Georgia Regiment, captured in Wassaw Sound July 21, 1863.

W. H. Crawley, who claimed to be an English subject at time of capture, but is regarded as an American citizen, captured July 2, 1864, while violating the blockade.

J. W. Davis, captured in the steamer Lizzie Davis, running the blockade, September 16, 1863. Born in Massachusetts; forty years old; has lived in Mobile twenty years; and avowed citizen of the so-called Confederate States and particularly hostile to the Government of the United States.

Ross Davis, of South Carolina, was master of the blockade-runner Pet, captured off Wilmington February 15, 1864. Mariner by occupation; thirty-five years old. Made nine round trips in the Pet.

G. W. Davis, of North Carolina, second mate of the Britannia, captured June 24, 1863.

D. Drake Carter, alias Charles Drake, captured in the Thistle, trying to enter Wilmington, June 4, 1864; claimed to be a British subject, but subsequently confessed that he is a Kentuckian, and belonged to Morgan's band. Was captured, escaped from Camp Chase into Canada, and made his way to Bermuda and Nassau. Surgeon Sixth Kentucky Cavalry.

John Edwards, captured March 7, 1863, on Florida coast; private in rebel army. Reported as a rebel mail carrier, and captain of a guerilla band.

M. J. Freeman, chief engineer of the rebel steamer Alabama, captured June 19, 1864.

William Gance, private, Texas battalion, captured at Sabine Pass April 10, 1863.

R. H. Gayle, lieutenant in the rebel Navy, captured in command of the blockade-runner Stag January 9, 1865.

Benajmin Griffin, alias McPherson, of Maryland, captured July 6, 1864.

Samuel Grissam, of North Carolina, twenty-seven years old, single; was pilot on the blockade-runner R. E. Lee; captured November 9, 1863. Claimed to be a British subject, but would not swear to it. Always followed the sea.

W. W. Helm, of Mississippi, claims to be a captain of rebel cavalry; captured May 6, 1863, near Mobile, on a blockade-runner.