War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0404 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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[First indorsement.]

MARCH 29, 1865.

Respectfully forwarded to the Headquarters of the Army, Washington. In accordance with arrangements which I have made with General Cobb the prisoners are to be received by me at Darien, Ga., unless I receive in the meantime other orders from Washington, the delivery to commence on the 8th of April, proximo, or as soon thereafter as possible. Instructions with regard to the disposition that is to be made of the prisoners is requested.


Major-General, Commanding.

[Second indorsement.]


Respectfully referred to Major-General Hitchcock, commissioner for the exchange of prisoners.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Third indorsement.]

APRIL 7, 1865.

Respectfully referred to General Hoffman to give such instructions as may be necessary for the comfortable return of the prisoners herein referred to.


Major-General of Volunteers.


Near Big Black Bridge, Miss., March 16, 1865.

An agreement having been entered into between Brigadier General Morgan L. Smith, U. S. Army, commanding District of Vicksburg, Miss., and Colonel N. G. Watts and Lieutenant Colonel H. A. M. Henderson, of the Confederate Exchange Bureau, bearing date "Headquarters District of Vicksburg, Vicksburg, February 21, 1865", in behalf of their respective Government for the exchange of certain prisoners of war, now the better to execute the same, it is hereby further stipulated between said Brigadier General Morgan L. Smith and said Colonel N. G. Watts:

First. That an area of territory extending from Big Black bridge, including the left bank at the end thereof, to the Four-Mile bridge, and one mile and a half in width on each side of the railroad between these points, be, and is hereby, set apart as natural ground for the purposes of this exchange, upon which no hostile military operations or movements shall be begun or carried on; and no person or persons connected with the duties herein mentioned or engaged in the exchange of prisoners, by and with the consent of the parties hereunto agreeing, shall be molested or interfered with, whether with or without a flag of truce, so far as the two Government are concerned. Said neutral ground herein described shall be called and known as Aubery Territory.

Second. That during the transit of prisoners of war between Pearl and Big Black Rivers, whether Federal or Confederate, no hostile persons or persons belonging to the Federal or to the Confederate armies shall in anywise molest or interfere with the prisoners, officers or men, or transportation of either Government.

Third. That the United States Government shall lay a pontoon bridge over Big Black River near the ruins of the railroad bridge, which shall