War of the Rebellion: Serial 121 Page 0055 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.--UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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which was all forwarded to Captain Semple, as appears by the indorsement of Captain Gayer, provost-marshal of Charleston.

Paper Numbers 2 represents all the moneys in the account current which came to the hands of Captain Martin from Captain Mobley, most, if not all, of it counterfeit and worthless. Paper Numbers 3 is Captain Martin's report of his connection with the matter. Nothing is known by Captain Martin, or any officer now connected with the prison, what became of the other money's stated in the account current, A, nor can we ascertain whether paid to the prisoners or not. It is proper to add that the certificate of Messrs. H. W. Conner & Co. that the extensions of money converted is correct is an error. Captain Martin assures me that the extension are not correct.

The report of Captain Martin fully accounts for all money which came to his hands in account current Numbers 1 A.

Papers marked B are, Numbers 1, an account current of moneys received by flag of truce for Federal prisoners by Captain Warwick, October 1, 1864, and turned over to Major Motte A. Pringle as from his receipt thereon converted into Confederate money, by whose order does not appear on the paper. This account current was inclosed by Major Pringle to Colonel Means, then commanding the prison. And paper No. 2, and letters inclosed, being Captain Martin's report, shows that with this account current only a portion of the moneys were sent, namely, such as bills of exchange as could not be converted. What became of the moneys converted is not known at this prison. None of it has been paid to the prisoners. Captain Martin returns with his report all that came to his hands.

Papers marked C are, Numbers 1, an account current of moneys, draft, &c., for Federal prisoners of war, which were sent by the provost-marshal of Charleston to Lieutenant-Colonel Means, commanding prison, and to his receipted for October 31, 1864; that is to say, all the sums which are checked off on said account were receipted for; the items in said account not checked Colonel Means would not receipt for because the prisoners were not in the prison. The unchecked amounts were returned to the provost-marshal, Captain Gayer, and it is understood were turned over to Captain Senn, commanding Richland Jail prison, the prisoners to whom they belonged being there. Paper Numbers 2 is the order of Lieutenant-General Hardee directing that the money be converted into Confederate money. Paper Numbers 3 is the evidence that it was so converted by the firm of Messrs. J. C. Martin & Co., under General Hardee's order. Paper Numbers 4 is Captain Martin's report, inclosing his vouchers, showing the moneys paid to the prisoners, and also inclosing the balance of the moneys unpaid, and sundry letters containing bills of exchange, which could not be converted. Also a statement of a balance in his hands of $1,750 belonging to prisoners exchanged, escaped, and dead.

This statement balances all the amount received by Captain Martin on account current C. I ought to add that there was also placed in Captain Martin's hands a fund for prisoners called the Potter fund.

Lieutenant-General Hardee issued an order giving permission to a Mr. L. T. Potter to advance money to the prisoners for their drafts in the North. The whole fund was $50,000. It was paid out to the prisoners by Captain Martin under General Hardee's order, and there was left in his hands of this amount when I took command $17,850.50, which has all been paid over to Captain J. S. Richardson, assistant quartermaster, and his receipt taken therefor.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Prison.