War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 1054 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Camp Sumter, Andersonville, March 15, 1864.

I. No officer or soldier at this post will be permitted, under any circumstances, to hold any communication whatever with any of the prisoners detailed from the prison at work, except such as have official business with them.

II. All non-commissioned officers and privates who may have written permission from officers commanding guard to be absent from camp, as per Special Orders, Numbers 11, paragraph III, will not congregate upon the platform of the depot upon the arrival or departure of the trains.


Colonel, Commanding.

CAMP WINDER, Andersonville, Ga., March 15, 1864.

[General J. H. WINDER:]]

GENERAL: I would respectfully ask instructions to the following queries: First, the Quartermaster-General has instructed me to sell to employees at this post the necessary provisions, and as there is no market here from which they can get supplies this arrangement is imperatively necessary. Since the feeding of the prison has devolved upon the Commissary Department I shall not have the means of carrying out my instructions. What is to be done? Will Major Allen be instructed to sell to them, or will I have to make requisition upon Major Allen, commissary of subsistence, as he suggests (a copy of his letter to me find inclosed*), and, if so, upon what form shall I make a return of these provisions? I much prefer that the employees should purchase directly from the commissary department, which I believe is the usual channel. Second, instructions as to whether I must take charge of prisoners' funds, and, if so, instructions as to what to be done with it. I have taken in my keeping a lot of funds which were forwarded to this post with some Florida prisoners by the commanding officer capturing them, and do not know what to do with it, whether to let the prisoners have so much of it per month, or what. Please instruct me at once in these matters.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Assistant Quartermaster.

CAMP WINDER, Andersonville, Ga., March 15, 1864.

Major A. M. ALLEN,

Commissary of Subsistence, Columbus, Ga.:

MAJOR: Am in receipt of yours of 11th instant, and have called attention of Quartermaster-General to the suggestions therein contained. I will do anything that I can to facilitate you in your department at this post, and am already putting up your house, but the want of the necessary lumber and materials will necessarily retard me. However, my own house will soon be done, and I will then release to you the church (my present commissary house) until yours can be finished. I shall be able to give up the church certainly be next Monday week. You must aid me in every way in getting materials. I have applied


*Not found.