War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0931 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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again requested by us to report at once any deficiency in the rations that might occur, with the assurance that we would promptly correct it, and we heard no complaints whatever.

E. S. F. & CO.

[Sub-inclosure Numbers 1.]

FEBRUARY 6, 1864.

The undersigned officers have been on duty at Camp Douglas and have had opportunities to know about the character of the rations issued there to the troops, and state that they have been as good as rations at any other camp they have been in, and much better than usual; that it was generally known that coffee in the berry was kept on hand and might be drawn by those who preferred it to the ground coffee; that the beef was generally good beef and not short in quantity as far as they heard or knew, and that, as officers, they were always allowed to buy supplies at contract price.

C. V. De Land, colonel First Michigan Sharpshooters; John Piper, major First Michigan Sharpshooters.

As to anything but fresh beef:

Levant C. Rhines, captain Company A, First Michigan Sharp- shooters; Joseph O. Bellair, first lieutenant Company F; Andrew J. Hall, captain Company H; Ira L. Evans, first

lieutenant Company E; C. G. Conn, second Lieutenant Company G; E. V. Andress, captain Company K, First Michigan Sharpshooters; M. A. Powell, first Lieutenant Company G; William J. Driggs, first lieutenant Company K; Guy Newbre, second lieutenant Company A; Hooker A. De Land, captain; Lucien Meigs, captain Company C; Thomas R. Fowler, first lieutenant Company C; Samuel E. Hudson,

Company D, first lieutenant; H. V. Hinckley, lieutenant, Company E, First Michigan Sharpshooters; G. A. Graveraet, second lieutenant Company K; William Ruddock, second lieutenant Company H; William H. Randall, second lieutenant Company I; George Fowler, first lieutenant Company H.

[First indorsement.]


Camp Douglas, February 6, 1864.

I have seen the beef often and seen too many necks, shanks, and flanks. rounds sometimes cut out. I could not get good tea of the commissary. It was difficult for me to get anything for my family table, but this was chiefly beef or tea. In general I believe the ration was good and full with above exceptions.


Lieutenant-Colonel First Michigan Sharpshooters.

[Second indorsement.]

I fully concur in the statement made at the commencement of this paper.


Captain Company I, First Michigan Sharpshooters.

[Sub-inclosure Numbers 2.]

STATE OF ILLINOIS, County of Cook, ss:

James M. Horsford, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he has acted as clerk for Captain N. W. Edwards, commissary of subsistence,