War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0839 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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olence and philanthropy, but I apprehend that he overestimates the pliability of the leaders of the rebellion who are in power in Richmond. The authorities in Richmond have a purpose in view in their distinct refusal to release the prisoners of war in their hands except upon certain declared conditions, and I cannot well conceive how they would concede to the personal influence of and individual, or to his arguments and representations, that which they will not surrender to their sense of the claims of humanity upon them.

It does not appear to me that any individual however eminent he may be, or whatever relations he may be supposed to have to individuals in the South, can lay before the leaders of the rebellion any consideration of weight with them which they are not already in full possession of.

It is my belief that the rebels at this time are in such straits that they cannot be moved by considerations of mere humanity, which Mr. Burrows would be likely to urge, and I feel quite certain that an individual influence, as already intimated, would be utterly and absolutely disregarded.

The offer to exchange, grade for grade and man for man, with the rebels has been again and again refuse, d and unless Mr. Burrows can indicate some other proposal as proper to be made, I do not think the public interest would be advanced by accepting his generously proffered services.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, &c.


Fort Monroe, Va. January 13, 1864.

Honorable ROBERT OULD, Agent of Exchange, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I am instructed by the President to send forward Henry M. Warfield, who proposes to effect a special exchange between Brigadier-General Trimble and Major White. This, of course, will be independent of all other questions between these Governments.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, &c.,


major-General and Commissioner of Exchange.

FORT MONROE, VA., January 13, 1864. (Received 5. 20 p. m.)

Major-General HITCHCOCK:

I have forwarded Mr. Warfield this morning to exchange Trimbel for White. We shall only be spit upon for the offer. Please order all the prisoners of war from Fort Delaware, Fort McHenry, and Capitol prison down to Point Lookout. Am I expected to take them at Baltimore!




Memphis, Tenn., January 13, 1864.

Major Gne. N. B. FORREST, C. S. Army:

I send, as per agreement, prisoners of war to be exchanged at Hernando.