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recruit for and organize a full company. This he did and was s in command when McCook was killed. A short time prior to that event Captain Hambrick, of Forrest's regiment, joined him with his company, the tow commands numbering ninety men, all under the command of Hambrick. Going on a scout in the northern part of this county to gain information of the movements of Buell's army, which was marching from Decatur and Florence to Winchester, they came up unexpectedly with General McCook and escort, some mile or tow in advance of his brigade. Captain Hambrick ordered a charge, before which they broke and fled in disorder. General aide, Captain Brooke, were riding in an ambulance. This was singled out and pursued by Captains Hambrick and Gurley. When they overtook them Gurley ordered them several times to surrender. Not doing so, he fired, hitting McCook, when the ambulance was stopped. He was carried to the residence of a gentleman in the immediate vicinity, and everything that humanity ould do was done for him. Captain Gurley expressed his regret to General McCook at being put to the necessity of firing upon him, and he (McCook) exonerated him from all blame in the matter. This, sir, is a true statement of the killing of McCook and of Captain Gurley's military career up to that time. And it is for this a true and noble gentleman and gallant patriot soldier will doubtless meet a felon's doom at the hands of a remorseless and vindictive foe. I deem it my duty to pt you in possession of these facts, but for obvious reasons withhold my name.

[Sub- inclosure.]

(From the Nashville union, December 2.)


Frank Gurley, charged with the murder of Brigadier General Robert L. McCook, is now in custody, and is ordered for trial before a military commission, assembled by order of General Thomas, consisting of the following officers:

Colonel John F. Miller, Twenty- ninth Indiana Volunteers, president; Captain Jasper Partridge, Forty- fourth Illinois Volunteers; Captain Thomas J. Rhodes, Sixtieth Illinois Volunteers; Captain Andrew V. P. Day, Tenth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry; Captain Albert M. Green, Sixth Kentucky Cavalry; Lieutenant H. C. Blackman, Eighth Kansas Volunteers, judge- advocate.

Captain Hunter Brooke, judge- advocate of the department, who was with General McCook when he was murdered, will be in attendance as a witness.

Colonel Miller, the president of the commission, was, a portion of last year, commander of this post. He is an able administrative officer, and has won distinction on the battle- field. General Thomas made a wise selection in placing him at the head of the commission. His colleagues are all gentlemen of fine abilities, men who have been tried and can be trusted in any sphere of duty.

CIRCULAR.] HEADQUARTERS, Meridian, January 11, 1864.


The following decision of the War Department fixing the liability of paroled prisoners and defining the kind and description of military