War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0765 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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GENERAL: You have that about every third day?

OLIVER. Yes, sir. We have been getting turnips lately. We have turnips and pork to-day. One barred or two barrels of turnips and one barrel of carrots cut up make a good soup.

GENERAL: Anything else?

OLIVER. We have had some cabbage.

GENERAL: Yes; but have you any other change from day to-day?

OLIVER. I believe that is all the change we have had-light bread and fresh meat twice a week, now we get it about once a week.

GENERAL: Is fresh meat dealt out extra?

OLIVER: It is a ration instead of the salt-meat ration.

GENERAL: How much fresh meat do you get?

OLIVER. From four a half to five and a half quarters.

GENERAL: Do you see it weighed?

OLIVER. No, sir.

GENERAL: Weighing about how much on an average-do you know?

OLIVER. I can't tell you; as a general thing we have got very fine beef.

GENERAL: That is for your division of 1,500 men?

OLIVER. Yes, sir; diminished as much as it may be by those gone to the hospitals and absent. Generally we give in our reports, and if there is twenty-five or fifty men come from the hospital we get a little extra sometimes.

GENERAL: Is it gauged, then, upon a standard of 1,500 men?

OLIVER. Yes, sir.

GENERAL: Well, now, in this matter of food, to save going all over this matter with each one of you, I will ask you that if either of you has anything to add to this statement you will make it known.

Sergt. R. M. Brooks, Company D, Fourth [Forty-seventh] Virginia, Hill's corps; J. D. Palmer, Company C, Fifty-fifth Virginia Regiment, A. P. Hill's corps; W. T. Johnson, Company M, Fifty-fifth Virginia Regiment, Heth's division, A. P. Hill's corps; C. P. Mooring, Company D, Twenty-second Virginia Battalion; Thomas Otis, Company D, Seventh Texas, General Gardner's division, all say: We have nothing to add, sir; he has stated my case, sir.

GENERAL: Is this amount honestly and regularly dealt out to you, as far as you know?

OLIVER (all joining). It is, sir. I have never sent to Sergeant Wilkinson and demanded anything but what he has given me.

GENERAL: Well, now, I want to know and see that there is no cheating done here; after it is dealt out to you, is it honestly given to the men?

OLIVER. Yes, sir. I have given strict attention to that myself. We get so much and we are responsible for it.

(All say that they concur in the above statements of Sergeant Oliver.)

GENERAL: Well, now, as to the houses of the men.

OLIVER. They are in tents, sir.

GENERAL. How many are there to a Sibley tent?

OLIVER. I am not able to tell much about the tents.

Sergeant JOHNSON. I heard there were sixteen, sir.

GENERAL. Have those tents all stoves or chimneys?

SERGEANTS. All chimneys, but few stoves.