War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0715 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION A CONFEDERATE.

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not the officer whom you have been holding as a security for the lives of some of the Government officers in the hands of the rebels. I should be pleased if he could be exchanged, not only to relieve him from his imprisonment, but for the good of the service, as he is needed very much to command his regiment.

Very respectfully,



[First indorsement.]

DECEMBER 24, 1863.

The rebel authorities seem particularly anxious to retain Colonel Powell, the reason being well known, to wit, his value to the Union cause. They will not exchange him for Colonel Lee, the letter being disabled. I suggest that General Butler is now making an effort to effect exchanges, and if he succeeds Colonel Powell and his high claims will not be overlooked.


Major-General, &c.

[Second indorsement.]

Colonel R. H. Lee ordered to City Point in exchange for Colonel Powell, February 2, by telegram.


Colonel E. L. MOLINEUX,

Commissioner for Exchange of Prisoners

On behalf of Major General W. B. Franklin, U. S. Army:

COLONEL: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of 15th instant and inclosures, viz, "copies of the telegraphic correspondence between Major General W. B. Franklin and Major General N. P. Banks. "

The approval of Major-General Banks being given to terms proposed by me as commissioner for the delivery of the excess of prisoners in the hands of Major-General Taylor belonging to the command of Major-General Franklin, that excess will accompany the officers and enlisted men whom we agreed to exchange in the cartel entered into between us on the 12th instant, and will be delivered at the place therein indicated. These prisoners are now can en route for the point below Vermilionville, and will arrive there in four or five days from the day on which you will probably receive this, but due notice will be given to you so that the prisoners on both sides may reach the spot contemporaneously.

Herewith I inclose a list of eight privates who will be exchanged for Major R. A. Howard, C. S. Army, whom you have your list of officers in your possession as prisoners. Be pleased to have Major Howard delivered when the others are exchanged at the stage stand.

H. F. Fenner, of whom you write, will be sent down for exchange with Mr. Stockton, as requested by you. Major-General Taylor instructs me to state to you that he will appoint a commissioner to meet the commissioner appointed by Major-General Banks, and suggests the Red River Landing, near the mouth of Red River, as the place of meeting. He requests that General Banks may be informed thereof, and that he will name the time at which his commissioner will be at the place and communicate the same to him so that no delay or detention may be experienced by either party.