War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0669 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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Under date of September 10, 1863, is the following entry:

SEPTEMBER 10, 1863.

Copy of order by General Mason:

"HEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, Columbus, Ohio, September 10, 1863.

"Captain N. MERION, Warden Ohio Penitatiary:

"SIR: In conformity with instructions form the Commissary-General of Prisoners, the prisoners of war confined in the Ohio penitatiary and at Camp Chase will not be allowed to receive any articles of either clothing or edibles without special orders from these headquarters, but will be confined to the faire provided by the proper authorities, and limited to a change of underclothing and one suit of outer garments. Should they have more in their possession it will be immediately removed.

"Permits to visit prisoners of war must be countersigned at these headquarters.



Under date of September 16, 1863:

Copy of order by warden:

"OFFICE OHIO PENITATIARY, Columbus, September 16, 1863.

"On the after this day the steward will be permitted to purchase, for the use of the rebel prisoners of war, postage stamps, stationary, candles, tobacco, and sanitary necessaries ordered by the physician.


"Warden, &c".

Copy of order to inspect prisoners:

"HEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, Columbus, Ohio, September 16, 1863.

"Mr. N. MERION, Warden Ohio Penitatiary:

"I send Lieutenant Judkins to inspect the prisoners for the purpose of ascertaining their wants as to clothing.

"Your obedient servant,



Under date of November 3, 1863, is the following entry:

The directions and warden have requested General Mason to receive the funds belonging to the rebel prisoners of war here, and, through the agency of U. S. officers of his appointment, to disburse them, to guard them at meal time, and to attend to their medical treatment, subject as far as possible to the rules of this prison.

Copy of notice from General Mason:

"HEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, Columbus, Ohio, November 4, 1863.

"Mr. N. MERION, Warden Ohio Penitatiary:

"SIR: I send Sergt. J. W. Moon as prison steward.

"Your obedient servant,



There are many others entries in this book, but the foregoing give as fair idea of the treatment and general control of the prisoners as can be derived form this record, and we deem it much more reliable and worthy of credit than any statement which can now be made from witnesses who trust to memory in giving detailed statements of what they saw or heard at a previous time, of which no record was made at the time.

The following are copies of papers furnished by Colonel William Wallace, at present in command at this post, as bearing upon the subject.

Copy of telegram from Colonel William Wallace to Brigadier-General Mason:

COLUMBUS, OHIO, November 28, 1863.

Brigadier General JOHN S. MASON, Steubenville, Ohio:

General John Morgan and six officers have escaped. Please let me know what instructions Lieutenant Judkins gave to Sergeant Moon as regards the inspection of the cells.


Colonel Fifteenth Ohio Volunteers Infantry, Commanding.