War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0656 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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Ohio*. Though the Federal agent, on the 30th of July, 1863, notified me that General John H. Morgan and his office would be placed in close confinement, he informed me two months afterward that "the U. S. authorities had nothing to do with the treatment that General Morgan and his command received when imprisoned at Columbus".

5. Papers from 48 to 57, inclusive, relate to the detention of surgeons+. Before the date of the cartel surgeons were unconditionally released after capture. That rule was first adopted by the Confederate commanders, and was subsequently followed by the Federal. Some time ago, one Doctor Rucker was indicted by a grand jury in Virginia for several felonies. Although Rucker never was a surgeon in the Federal service the enemy the Surgeon Green of the Confederate Navy in retaliation. This caused retaliation on our part in return, and surgeons were afterward held in captivity on both sides. In this instances the Federal authorities proved that they were ready to sacrifice their own medical officers in an endeavor to secure the release of a felon in no way connected with their medical service. Rucker having recently escaped from jail, the surgeons on both side have been released.

6. Papers from 58 to 63, inclusive, relate to persons captures upon our rivers and the high seas++. By agreement made with the Federal agent of exchange all such who were captured before December 10, 1862, were declared exchanged. In spite of that agreement, some of our pilots and sea captains were kept in confinement. The correspondence will fully show the refusal of the Federal authorities to adopt any fair and reciprocal rule as to the further exchange of such persons.

7. Papers numbered 64 and 65 show the pretensions of the enemy as to such persons as have been tried under the laws of a sovereign State for offense against her laws@.

8. Papers from 66 to 72, inclusive, embrace all the correspondence in which General E. A. Hitchcock has borne a parte are two commissioners of exchange on the part of the Federal Government. How far the authority of each extends, or how far one is subordinate to the other, has not as yet clearly appeared. The future may perhaps explain that they may be put to separate uses.

The last letter of General Hitchcock, bearing date November 23, 1863, I returned with the following indorsement, to wit: "Protest'


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