War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0443 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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to request that a competent surgeon with an assistant may be ordered for duty at the camp without delay. The number of prisoners is about 2,000 and the number of sick about 200.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Third Infantry and Commissary-General of Prisoners.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 29, 1863.

Colonel W. HOFFMAN,

Commissary-General of Prisoners, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith my report of inspection of McLean Barracks, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 29, 1863. I shall start for Columbus, Ohio, to-morrow morning.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Surgeon and Acting Medical Inspector of Prisoners of War.


Report of inspection of McLean Barracks, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 29, 1863, by A. M. Clark, surgeon and acting medical inspector of prisoners of war.

Commanding officer - Captain J. D. Taylor, Eighty-eight Ohio. Location - Numbers 264 West Third street, city. Drainage - good, into city sewer. Buildings - one, formerly a dwelling house. Capacity- about 150 prisoners. Patients, number, condition, discharge, and return to duty of - not retained here when requiring hospital care, but sent to Marine Hospital; patients requiring transient treatment are attended by a medical officer who visits the prisoners' a medical officer who visits the prison daily. Ventilation - the prisoners' quarters very good, by windows on three sides. Warming -sufficient, by stoves and fireplaces. Lighting - lamps, coal oil. Lavatories and baths - none provided. water supply - abundant, from city water-works. Sewerage - good, into city sewer. Water-closets - in very good order, but not disinfected. Latrines - in bad order, large brick, recently cleaned. Furniture and utensils - sufficient and in good order, except that there are no sleeping bunks in prisoner's quarters. Bedding - blankets, sufficient. Kitchen - well appointed but not in good order or police. Utensils - sufficient but not in good order. Cooks - detailed prisoners. Cooking - not inspected. Diet - quality, variety of usual, rations. Means of supply - commissary.

This prison is only intended for the transient reception of prisoners. These are received in small squads daily, and as soon as fifty or seventy-five are collected are sent off the Camp Chase or some other permanent prison. The present commanding officer has only been in charge for three days, having relieved Captain Means, One hundred and fifteenth Ohio Volunteers. A large room in the third story forms the present prisoners' quarters. A large room in the third story forms the present prisoners' quarters. Another of the same size on the second story with several smaller rooms, now used as guard-rooms, would furnish accommodations for about 150 prisoners. No bunks are provided for the prisoners, who now sleep on the floor. The police of the prison is very well maintained, except in the prisoners' cook-room and mess-room. There are at present confined here 47 prisoners, viz, 18 prisoners of war, 25 civilians, and 4 Federal soldiers. No separate