War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0156 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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have not enough of paroled or imprisoned captives to exchange all the captives paroled or held by the enemy, and hence until reassembled we do not wish to exhaust our privilege of declaring exchanges.



BALTIMORE, July 28, 1863.

Colonel E. D. TOWNSEND:

Your telegram communicating the peremptory order of the Prisoners for the immediate release of John Glenn is received. I had already released him and he is at home on parole to appear on the 17th August, to answer to charges sustained by affidavits; but if the President directs it I will send for him and make his release absolute. I cannot report to the judge-advocate the formal charges and proof in full until the return of Colonel Fish, provost-marshal, on the 12th of August, he being absent now no sick-leave. I will state, however, that Glenn was arrested by Colonel Fish for the use of violent, disloyal, and mischievous language, such as declarations that the throats of all the damned Yankees ought to be cut. He obstinately refused and still refuses to take the oath of allegiance or give parole for his good behavior as a good citizen. He was sent South to be put through the lines after all reasoning, argument, and kindness had ben exhausted on him, and he was still unyieldingly perverse; but owing to some misunderstanding or blunder at Fort Monroe he was sent to City Point among prisoners for exchange and then returned here, no taking the oath of allegiance to the Confederate States.

Will you communicate this to the President and to the judge-advocate and let me know if any other report is required of me now? Please let me know also if I am to consider it the policy of the Government and of the President that hereafter I am not to arrest those in this community who use disloyal and mischievous language and declarations, and punish them or put them under some security for their good behavior. Instruct me also if Glenn is to be released from his parole to appear again.



FORT DELAWARE, July 28, 1863.

Colonel W. HOFFMAN, Commissary-General of Prisoners:

Eighteen rebel surgeons here. Two of the chaplains were sent to Johnston' Island for having tampered with my command, inducing them to desert. I have steamers Empire City and Daniel Webster here by your order. (See telegram July 9.) Sick will be sent as ordered. Several prisoners made an attempt last night to escape. One was shot dead by the guard and the rest returned to the barracks.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

WASHINGTON, July 28, 1863.

Major General A. E. BURNSIDE:

The General-in-Chief directs that General Morgan and the officers captured with his command be sent to the Columbus penitentiary. If