War of the Rebellion: Serial 119 Page 0132 PRISONERS OF WAR AND STATE, ETC.

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[Third indorsement.]


Saint Louis, August 3, 1863.

Respectfully returned to Colonel Hoffman with information that after full investigation of the cases of Major Blackwell and Adjutant Edwards I had decided that their exchange, though not entirely regular, should be approved and carried out, it having been carried out in apparent good faith by the Confederates. Hence, on the 20th of July last I ordered that the above-named Confederate officers be sent to the enemy's lines. This order was not carried, out because before it was received by the provost-marshal-general of the department the prisoners had been sent to Johnson's Island. I respectfully request that they be returned without delay to Saint Louis, to be sent to the enemy's lines and declared duly exchanged.



CASTLE PINCKNEY, July 19, 1863.

Captain W. F. NANCE, Assistant Adjutant-General:

Negro prisoners are willing to submit to the State laws; they are willing to go to Battery Bee and work.


Captain, Commanding.


Washington, July 20, 1863.

General D. H. RUCKER,

Chief Quartermaster, U. S. Army, Washington:

GENERAL: It is proposed, as I am informed, by the General-in-Chief to establish a depot for prisoners of war at Point Lookout.

The officer to command has not yet been designated, but it is proper to make provision in advance.

The depot will probably ultimately be constructed for 10,000 prisoners; for the present for 5,000. Old tents should be sent from those in depot and necessary camp and garrison equipage, lumber to erect kitchens and store-houses, and large cast-iron boilers for cooking. The labor will be performed by the prisoners themselves, but preliminary arrangements should be made by this department.

Have you an officer disposable for it to send there to establish the depot? If not, Captain Edwards, post quartermaster, should be called upon to receive the property. Lumber should be obtained by requisition from Baltimore. Colonel Donaldson will fill your requisition.




Washington, July 20, 1863.

Brigadier General D. H. RUCKER, Chief Quartermaster:

In order to secure discretion and economy in the arrangement of kitchens and other necessary buildings at the prisoners' depot at Point Lookout, I think that the general plans should be prepared by a person of experience, and I know none who has had more in such constructions