War of the Rebellion: Serial 118 Page 0949 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Richmond, May 11, 1863.

I. The following notice relative to exchanged prisoners is published for the information of all concerned:


RICHMOND, May 9, 1863.

The following Confederate officers and men have been duly exchanged and are hereby so declared:

1. All officers and men who have been delivered at City Point at any time previous to May 6, 1863.

2. All officers captured at any place before the 1st of April, 1863, who have been released on parole.

3. All men captured in North Carolina or Virginia before the 1st of March, 1863, who have been released on parole.

4. The officers and men captured and paroled by General S. P. Carter in his expedition to East Tennessee in December last.

5. The officers and men captured and paroled by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart at Van Buren, Ark., January 25, 1863; by Colonel Dickey in december, 1862, in his march to the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and by Captain Cameron at Corinth, Miss., in December, 1862.

6. The officers and men paroled at Oxford, Miss., on the 23rd of December, 1862; at Des Arc, Ark., on the 17th of January, 1863, and at Baton Rouge, La., on the 23rd February, 1863.

7. All persons who have been captured on the sea or the waters leading to the same or upon the sea-coast of the Confederate of United States at any time previous to December 10, 1862.

8. All civilians who have been arrested at any time before the 6th of May, 1863, and released on parole are discharged from any and every obligation contained in said parole. If any such person has taken any oath of allegiance to the United States or given any bond or if his release was accompanied with any other conditions he is discharged from the same.

9. If any person embraced in any of the foregoing sections or in any section of any previous exchange notice wherein they are declared exchanged are in any Federal prison, they are to be immediately released and delivered to the Confederate authorities.


Agent of Exchange.

II. All persons whether citizens or soldiers are expressly prohibited from using or in any manner interfering with fuel or wood cut and delivered for the use of railroads or railroad companies. It is of the first importance that this order should be observed and it will be strictly obeyed and enforced by the Army.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.

RICHMOND, May 11, 1863.

Lieutenant-General PEMBERTON:

All newspaper correspondents, traders and citizens of the United States captured on board steamers plying [the] Mississippi will be sent directly to this place to be disposed of by the authorities here.


Agent for Exchange of Prisoners.